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I was challenged to add up all my makeup items from my daily routine. Thought it'd be fun since I use both pharmacy brand and high end makeup items. enjoy & pass on the challenge
The first step is to refresh my face with my favorite moisturizing gel. $40
My second step is my primer on my eyelids and to hide my dark circles. $10
I then put my favorite cover up . Bare Minerals $28
I then like to shade my eyebrows. I really love this pencil and highly recommend. I bought it at Ulta for 8$ & it goes a long way .
Cheers to my favorite neutral shadows. The colors are beyond beautiful & the brush is omg so goood. $54
I then like to do the basic line or winged but I love using this eyeliner. About to start trying others but so far I've used this one for the longest. $15
& you can't finish them eyes without mascara so this is my baby. Make Up Forever $24
I then like to highlight my cheek bones. Bought this powder online for $3 but it works magic tbh .
& I got this bronzer as a gift but I absolutely love it for a final cheek touch. Milani $8
& last but my favorite. Lipstick! I can't leave my house without my lipstick . As I have reviewed before this is my fave Lipgloss that works as a matte lipstick. Its either this,Mac, Lancome,Revlon, & many other brands. As I mentioned I use all kinds of makeup don't judge by brands nor price :) This one right here is $17
To conclude my makeup all adds up to BOOOOOOM! $205 a day . I like to think I'm economic lol
This is awesome! Thank you for doing the challenge. I LOVE The Balm Cosmetics they are so so fun. Do you have any other lipsticks from them????? How are those matte lipsticks compared to others. I also is that mac charging water really good for dry skin? I've been meaning to try that out.
love the Naked palettes. $205/day! Such a bargain! LOLOL :)
@TessStevens as for the Mac charging water, my face was beginning to pee when winter started because it was so dry & this has actually helped me without making me break out . I really like it.
@TessStevens I have like 4 shades of the Balm cosmetics. I absolutely love them . They actually dry matte & stay on .
@marshalledgar lol I use all brands. I don't judge lol .
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