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Hello you all! I am obsessed with buying new products and trying new products. I have been using Ipsy for 4 months and love it! It can be tough financially always buying makeup but I love Ipsy because for only $10 monthly you get to try a bunch of products monthly! & Have I mentioned you take a quiz so it could be customized to what YOU like! Really cool just a makeup bag nowadays is over $10 but you get that with a bunch of cool and pricy products for 10$ monthly. You all should really try it. Treat yourself, its a bargain & you'll love it ;)
I have some pictures of them in Facebook but will put them on here also just give me time because I have so much stuff but live it all! #1realestchick #Livingmylife @stephosorio
I will take a pictures of everything it comes give to a pretty labeled box with a card telling you what it does and how much the regular size prices you just can't go wrong.
yeah that's right bc I signed up 4 a year another added bonus getting 50% off awesome good 4 you chic! @stephosorio If you have Facebook add me if you don't have a problem with that?!#Livingmylife #1realestchick
@AshleyPatterson thank you I just subscribed turns out there is a limited time offer for the first month subscription you get 50% off
@AshleyPatterson definitely considering it
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