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I finally found a match up where all four options can be reasonable in power. Not a stupid match up like a pirate versus a God. People need to realize the status certain characters have in their shows. If you make a character a God put him against another God
Alucard for the win
I got to go with Goku
But if you consider how it takes Goku 15 min of constant screaming to power up to get to a level for planet destroying.all the other people just attack and they can destroy. my money is on Alucard
in this match up. Depending how you look at it, Goku is the clear winner. All he has to do is fly up and keep shooting (possibly destroy the planet and teleport somewhere eles)
Ok for Those who don't understand abilities and where this is located. this is located on Earth cause Goku is only person who can travel planets.(so destroy planet isent a option sorry) You have A= martial arts and fires extreme Energy blast capable of destroying cities and planets depending on user B=if he understand the attack he has the ability to alter the vectors of any attack to prevent them from hitting him and can make them go back C= literally immortal and can kill all life around him should he desire with his aura. D= Immortal vampire with Demon abillity that could summon a entire army of the undead and can summon a demon dog. Extreme regeneration abilities and no fear of dying
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