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If there's one thing the NBA has taught Iman Shumpert, it's that when your name is called you have to be ready to deliver.
Today, Shumpert stepped up to the plate big time, as he helped deliver his infant daughter in a bathroom as his fiancée, musician Teyana Taylor, gave birth.
The baby, Iman Tayla Shumpert Jr., was born at 6:42 a.m, according to the post.
Taylor wrote that she did not realize she was in labor until she could feel her baby's head. She said Shumpert used the cord from a pair of headphones to tie off the umbilical cord as the couple waited for the ambulance to arrive minutes later.
LeBron James congratulated Shumpert.
"I seen him today for the first time since it happened," James said. "I told him I don't text message those moments. I went in and gave him a real professional grown-man handshake, not the handshakes that y'all see us do all the time. But I gave him a dad handshake and congratulated him on that, and it's pretty cool."
"Grown-man handshake!"
Hahahaha I love LeBron....he's the man!