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I was going to spend my Christmas budget on a Shit ton of presents for the fam, but papa yg and ikon have literally been releasing a lot of merch. The konbat , the Kony's island seasons greeting package, and then to top it off the green and red full album packages (and since there is two I'm gonna obviously get both.) Seriously the struggle to manage my money is so real right now. I just want all of it.
I feel your pain since papa yg made the US site I have been broke I've bought every GD shirt and jacket luckily a lot is sold out so that saves my bank but yeah now this ikon stuff I'm definitely gonna be broke
@Jiyongixoxo lol yeah they have an eBay page, literally where all my ikon merch is being sent from. right? new group in the making yo. 😂😅
@Jiyongixoxo I know both of my paychecks are being spent on that website. and on yg's eBay page also. everything is just so tempting.
@xxchicharitoxx they have an eBay page??? Oh gosh now yet another place to spend all my money haha YG might as well let us become trainees since we spend all our money on him