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CONFIRMED Jung Yong Hwa is back in Acting... Co-Lead with LMH and PSH Jung Yong Hwa, Group CNBLUE's member and actor, was chosen as "Kim Eun Suk's man". Jung Yong Hwa has been cast as a lead of SBS's new Wed-Thurs Mini Series "Heirs". An insider at SBS revealed, "Jung Yong Hwa will be joining LMH and PSH in 'Heirs,' returning to acting in 2 years." With Jung Yong Hwa on board, "Heirs" will be called a collection of Hallyu stars. JYH and PSH have exploded in popularity in Japan through "You are beautiful" and LMH is also one of the top Hallyu stars with the success of "Boys over Flowers" and "City Hunter." The insider added, "Since the top hallyu stars have taken the lead roles, they're expected to generate a synergy effect. Jung Yong Hwa and LMH will act as heirs who have contrasting charms, competing with one another." JYH and PSH's unusual connection is drawing another attention. The two acted opposite one another in "YAB" and "Heartstrings", and now again in "Heirs" for the third time. "Heirs" is a trendy drama that will portray love and friendship between high school students. cr: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=106&oid=100&aid=0000054430 cr; http://justjyh.com/xe/acting/79220 CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa was cast in Kim Eun Suk's next drama. Jung Yong Hwa's agency FNC Entertainment has revealed on 15th that Jung Yong Hwa will star in Kim Eun Suk's new work "Heirs". cr: http://news.nate.com/view/20130415n24718 cr: http://justjyh.com/xe/acting/79220
she is really so happy@katieloidlei. Im very excited too lol!!
jeez, Oppa what the.....!!! Ayee!!
yes @ameliasantos10 , i am soooo very happy.. i really cant explain what i am feeling right now.. (it may sound exagerated, i dont care i am happy) i wish October would be here tommorow.. :)..
i think nobody here is happier than @katieloidlei ! haha
yes its really Oh-Em-Geeee... really cant wait..
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