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It airs on every monday & Tuesday ^.^ See you then everyone ! On last ep, She falls down the water... so dangerous. Did you see the next picture??? Now, we can show how OJ is going well to change her poor life. Keep watching with me hehe ^.^ But I wonder that is it possible to live even though considerate hight of this cliff? (Maybe she has to...because she is main character of this drama...you know we've watched only ep3 ) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Are you ready? DIH is searching for her who fell down the waterfall. (What happens to her? I hope...everything is going well....) Oh... i'm glad that she is all right !! But no one can find it. OJ comes to the military range, (you know that she peeps how soldier move when they are fighting. she has to design the most practical armor.) One of LS's servant opposes she observes military soldiers' training but LS persuades him that actually she is crazy...i've seen her before. just let her do that. hehehehehe ( I know you has ulterior motive for her...you are interested in her !! ) Anyway in the training range, he helps her to do acting. LS: Tomorrow, we have hurting competition, so you wanna see how they act with their armor come to me. ( Still DIH is searching for her actually she asks his servant that please let him know my place..he will be worried about me..but he doesn't allow to do it because secret of military service. Meanwhile OJ is hanging around the mountain..oh she faces with robbers...be careful...why do you always hang around alone...these days are too dangerous to walk around as a woman!!! LS saves her in difficult situation. But even the robber catches her as a hostage, LS shoot the arrow...if he misses his arrow, OJ can be dead. So even though he saves her, she feels angry to him. Oh the king, LS's father spits up his blood.... LS leads the horse she take. LS suggests that tomorrow go to watch sunrise together, If you are with me, i will tell you the truth tomorrow...who am I and my real dream. In the lodging, LS talks with his servant about OJ. His servant is worried about his behavior..he thinks he can fall in love with her but LS says in no certain terms that to be my wife, the status has to be more than 1 poom. She overhears this...and get disappointed. Tomorrow, LS has to leave early because of his father. With notice that cannot go to watch sunrise with you, LS runs away. OJ closes her mind when his servant notifies this and warns her that do not put him in your mind. When she returns home, her friend and DIH is worried about her. Anyway she finishes her armor, she put the iron in it. When the day of test armor, he picks OJ's armor! hehehe Wow what a good skill but you know that? King and his mother contrasts his idea. (The queen, his mother has been given many treasures from Min dagam.) Because of the protest of parents, he gives up his decision. OJ feels upset..bacause if her armor is failed to choose, she has to hold her hand with her uncle JH who has a desire to change the world. Um...before third final of becoming crown princess, JH seeks how to delete IH who is daughter of Min dagam. OJ visits to meet her mother...(Her mother is slave...so she is looked down by others..especially her owner) OJ suggests that why don't we just run away from here. We don't have to be captured from others ! On the day of third competition, IH's mother is dead.. maybe it is because of JH's trick. On the condition to become a crown princess, she has to have both parents but her mother is dead so she is not qulified to become a queen. (Her father already took a step) Before the day, LS visits the other dagam who put her daughter on the competition. They took a deal that he can give you a place as a king's father in law. Oh... so his daugher becomes a queen. Wow despite opposite of her mother and Min dagam, he pick her as a queen. OJ is crying...why she is crying ..maybe it is because of her mother who is treated poor by the owner... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Anyway finish ! everyone did you watch it well?? If there are words or phrases you don't understand, please commnet to me ^.^ Anything is okay