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Zelo from B.A.P This guy.. I just started listening to B.a.p and Zelo was the first to catch my eye.. But who can blame me.. Just look at this guy.. He is just too cute.. And very talented
Bambam from GOT7 Got7 is another group that I recently starter listening to and besides noticing Markson ❤️ Bambam also caught my attention.. He still looks like a baby.. and he is such a dork.. Ahh
And last but not least... Jungkook from BTS ❤️😍☺️ Now, i can go on forever about Kookie, because i been into BTS longer than any other group.. All I can say.. Kookie definitely owes the nick name Golden Maknae.. This goofball can be so weird and crazy, but at the same time he is just as talented in just about anything he does..
Thank you K-pop for some really amazing maknaes... And thank you mother nature for doing right with them..
but yugyeom is the makane in got7
@NydiaEdwards he is a couple months younger than Bambam
@BAbrajan1 ik that but that's why I said it 😒
Jungkook's teeth are so straight!
@NydiaEdwards ik.. Bambam is still part of the maknae line.. So i chose him as my favorite..