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I found this video on Youtube. It really touched my mind, heart and soul. I want to expand my kindness to make my world and my son's world a place that is full of beauty, love, and equality.
I wanted to share this with everyone. In hopes that it will touch more people and encourage more kindness in the world. For we are one race. We are one small part of a whole.
Tagging the awesome vinglers who inspire, show kindness and are the epitome in my opinion of love.
Wow this was an awesome video, thank you SO much for the tag hun. Like @terenailyn I was really touched by idea that we need more people that feel, rather than spend all their time thinking... if we could move away from greed and towards compassion as a society, I truly believe this country would be a better place.
Aww thanks for the tag bunny! I agree we all need to be spreading love, kindness, and acceptance instead of hate, narrow-mindedness, and violence.
Awe, thank you for tagging me 💜💜
Thank you so much for the tag!! we need more people that believes that violence won't fix our problems.... we were basically raced by mistakes from generation to generation but at least we are trying to make it better and I think that's what counts.... THIS COUNTRY NEEDS PEOPLE THAT FEELS INSTEAD OF THINKS
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