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I guess not a very long list?
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Good for you @MelissaMae , you got out of that situation. Be choosy, take care of yourself first, don't just settle.
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@1FallenAngel well actuaky, i was not just settling. i was happy. yeah i know, it is not understandable for any normal human being. but i was. i just wasnt happy when he left. it opened up all old wounds that had healed. the thing is, he couldnt just let me love him. he had to screw that up too.
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That's too bad that it had to be that way. @MelissaMae ... I'm sure the one who's meant for you will come in time.
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no he was the one.
2 years ago·Reply
The 1st one is so true for me, but I've never been pushed to that point yet, but I want someone to try me and see how mad ill get.
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