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Bakha gets a post card. It's the card of Bakha's picture :) She goes to the place the card mentioned. And....... Can you guess? Who does she meet?? LG : Why do you late? I wait for a long time :) Bakha : Where were you?? I wait for you here. "I'LL STILL LOVE YOU after 300 years..." Awwww~~ So SWEET ! It's OVER ! Happy ending ! But I am sad since I can't see this lovely couple any more :(( Part 1 : Part 2 : Part 3 : Part 4 : Part 5 : Part 6 : Part 7 : Part 8 : Part 9 : (+) Don't forget to celebrate Yoochun's birthday !
@pazpranz It makes sense !
Fantasy ending.......
On my perception, the body is belong to Taeyong.... but his heart and memory is the Crown Prince
i think we might have to ask the writer for some cliff notes to see if we understood this ending. i wish it had been clearer.
@peterteuk.. let's just say that taeyong was able get away from his almost "coma" state - because of what transpired in JOseon period.. it affected Taeyong from the future time.
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