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hey guys I'm currently writing a manga I call it 'Journey Together' its about Journey Together is about a girl named Rosie who lived in america and had 2 friends Calhoun and Penelope but years after losing those friends she moves to Japan because of her father's job transfer. and it turns out her neighbor is Calhoun? when they finally meet again what are they going to do? they start falling for each other but won't let the other know their secret. will they come together through all the tragedy and lose and learn that they need each other to make it through this 'Journey Together'?? pictures above are random, not from my manga. maybe I'll draw out what I already have and post it to see what y'all think... thanks for reading. tell me what you think.
Do you know what manga those pictures are from also your manga sounds really good, I hope to read it soon
I'm so sorry I don't. I know one is Bleacb
@JazmynGertz Kk thanks anyway