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@MadHouseRomance you vocabulary is astounding. That was me trying to sound cool lol
@MadHouseRomance why has no one commented on how awesome you are omg
@DylanGray, i see i see. However, i argue the alternative. I believe that in saying a "God of nothing" isn't a god would be counterintuitive for the reason that "God" is part of the title. Secondly, to say that a "God of nothing," one that erases creation, is more suitable titled as "God of existence" would also infer that this God is also capable of creating existence. The title "God of Nothing" sounds to me that it's incapable of causing creation, just as "God of Creation" sounds to me as being incapable of turning a creation to nothing. Its like one of those logical fallacies of Indicative conditional- I can erase, therefore i can create. However, this arguement can be nothing more than theory. Who am I really to say, for I am just a God of Weather. ..
god of cake
I like to think they are jealous of us
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