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I haven't been able to keep up with all the talk behind it because of work. I knew as soon as I heard it though that it was about someone. Those words could be about just a random girl but with how it came out randomly and so close after his world wide album came out. You know he is talking about someone no doubt.
Have you been keeping up with the online chatter about this song?? Just spent the last 30 minutes getting caught up (not something I do often)
My reaction was Spongebob when he figures out Squidward likes Krabby
I like that song too @KaeliShearer
I like that song alot i have it on repeat
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How much are the candles with the rings in them?
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Mile H1gh Snowflake (18+)
Theme(s): Smutty Blizzard of Fluff Plot: Can you scents the Smut in the air, high high up in the air? Its a bird, its a plane its Smut on a Plane! Cast: Jay Park) & You ______________________________ Miss? Damn this flight had to be so fucking long. It was hard to get comfortable, even when I was in first class. I didnt find any comfort until I was sitting in my seat upside down. Not like my feet were going to bother anyone. My first-class seat was like a cube. So my feet were against the divider between me and someone that should be sitting beside me, and the wall that parted me from the person behind me. Miss, Excuse me? Will you please sit properly in your seat? Its not safe for you to sit like this. I glared up at the flight attendant and sighed heavily. Give me five to ten more minutes, or until we hit turbulence? This is a really long fight, and this is the first time Ive been comfortable, since we took off. She just blinked, knowing it was hard to argue with me, when I request was just a few more minutes or until they tell us to put the seatbelt on. The divider to my seat partner went down, and a very agitated young man with a black cap on appear on the other side. Just leave her be. She been quite ever since she position herself like that. She seems to know when she has to correct herself too. The flight attendant just bow and apologized, before leaving us along. He looked down at me and smirked a bit wickedly. You might want to wear a blanket though or put pants on. I can see your underwear with the way your dress is falling. I panic and fumbled to cover myself, and nearly fell out of my seat and on my head, if he hadnt caught my legs. He then offer me his hand, which I gladly accepted with a redden face. This guy was sweet enough, to have my legs cross the divide, and rest on his lap, so that I was sitting up in my seat. He even grabbed the blanket I stuffed in the corner of my seat and threw it over my legs. Comfortable? I just nodded my head and looked away, ashamed on how I just flashed him on accident. He lightly touched my forehead, as concern danced in his eyes. I think you might have been upside down too long. I just gave a nervous smile and shook my head. Im sorry for flashing you. I really should of pay attention to the fact I was wearing a dress. I just really couldnt get comfortable anymore. He rubbed my calf, as he smiled softly at me. Are you comfortable now? I blinked a bit as I thought about it. I really was comfortable now. Yes, but if you dont want to stay like this, I can move my legs and find a new way to get comfortable. His grip on my leg tighten, as he shook his head. Nah, you are good. Im actually more comfortable this way too. He smirked, before turning to lose the divider to the isle. If you close yours, then you wont have to worry about others seeing us like this. I didnt hesitate, and closed my end too, but froze when I felt him starting to massage my lower legs under the blanket. I turned to face him and smile softly at him. Thats really sweet of you, but you dont have to do that. I already feel bad Im using a strangers lap so I can stretch out my legs. He tilted his head but didnt stop rubbing my legs. The name is Jay, and Im only doing this, because your legs are like ice. I dont get it when girls were dresses when they know they are going to be cold soon. He was so sincere that was impossible to want to say no to him. Plus, its actually nice touching your soft legs. I was starting to forget what skin ship was like, with my touring. I blinked at Jay, as he took his hat off, and put it over the seat head. Touring? Like an artist, manager, or musician? Jay just nodded his head as he looked up at me. You dont recognize me? He arched an eyebrow, as I tilted my head. You seem familiar, but with the way work got me all over the play its hard to keep up with entertainment. Your last name is Park, right? He snickered as he started to slowly move his hands up. Bingo, but you can just call me Jay. I nodded my head, as I watched his hands go above the blanket to start rubbing my thighs. Are your legs warming up yet? I nodded my head before looking away. I wanted to stop him, but he was being so well manor about it. Plus it was actually warming my legs up. You know your skin is so smooth, I hope you dont mind me touching your legs. I gave him back my attention and watched him go from my thighs to my feet. Jay, do you have a girlfriend back home? He glance up at me and shook his head. His expression he held was serious one at that. Its hard for me to date. They flip the script so easily too. They start out sweet, but then they want something. They even try to entrap me. His smile came back when he started playing with my toes. Did you paint your toes to look like snowmen? He looked up as I realized I had apparently removed my socks too. Yeah, I did it for my nieces. They love when I visit and have something cute done to me nails. I showed him my hand and chuckled when he saw Santa Clause on them. Youre an awesome aunt. Jays smile was so warm when he looked up at me. I took one of his hands in my own and started to warm it up as best as I could. I swear you are a snowflake. I looked at him confused be was answered with his lips on mine. He left me speechless when he pulled away from me. You are truly a rare one, that Im afraid with you melt you wont exist anymore. I giggled and smiled at him, before placing his hand on cheek. Youre not sure if Im being real with you, yet you still seem attracted to me. Is that what you mean? His smile faltered but one corner went up. Youre a smart one. Yes, that is what I mean. I turned to take out my phone from my bag, to show him the photos of me and my nieces. Then let it move to my friends and family, if not work. Im real, and I see no need to lie to you. He pulled me over the divide, to have me sit on his lap. Jay then nuzzled his nose against the nape of my neck. I believe you, my little snowflake. He already nicknamed me yet never asked my name. Will you allow me to know your name though. I snickered when he actually asked after I had thought about how he didnt. My name is y/n. Jay smiled so brightly it made my heart feel like it was melting. Didnt help that he was also rubbing my side and massaging my thigh. Well Y/n, is there a possible chance I can have a shot at taking you out when we land? I was going to answer him, when I felt something hard poking at my ass. Depends, can I satisfy you? He raised an eyebrow, but it seem to have registered when I started to grind on him. Youre the one that got a hard on from me just sitting here. I said as I stopped grinding on him, earning a chuckle. You were being playful about telling me I needed to adjust myself. I peck his nose and smiled widely at him. I like how you get me. He chuckled as he gripped onto my waist a bit. Please dont stop though, you actually had a good motion going. I pursed my lips and looked away to hide the fact that he made me blush, as I started grinding on him again. Youre adorable and beautiful, are you really single? His hand found its way under my dress, so his thumb could rub my inner thigh. Yes, and willing to give you a chance to take me out on a date, once we land. If youre still willing, and I understand, keep it on the down low. He kissed me so suddenly it took me a moment to return the kiss. I lightly play with his hair, whilst his tongue started to fight mine for dominance. A moan escaped though the moment his thumb found my clit. He pulled away to put a finger to his lips. Shh, cant be too loud now. Jay was making his move on me, as I covered my mouth. Im so going to have to try this away off the plane, with you. I want to hear you scream my name. He whispered in my ear, before he managed to get his hand between my legs. I happily parted them, as he inserted two of his fingers. I wiggled from the sensation of his fingers curling inside of me. I slip my hand under his shirt and hoody making him growl softly near my ear. Want me, y/n? I nodded my head, before he lifted me up to pull out his dick. I wanted to crotch down and suck on the yummy thick lollipop before me, but he had other plans. He glided his hands under my dress and pulled me down to sit on his lap, with his member between my legs. I moved my legs, so I was rubbing him firmly. Jays hand moved my panties to the side, exposing how wet he had already made me. I took a deep breath before I allow him to slip inside of me. Oh shit, you feel amazing. Jay moan softly once he was inside of me all the way. Welcome to the Mile High Club. I responded making his chuckle. Then when we land, we can rejoin the mile low club. I giggled before we started to move faster. If I wasnt covering my mouth to stay quiet, he was covering it for me. When I felt him twitch, I got off, allowing him to slide out of me, before sucking on him. Enjoying the taste of both of us on his member. Shit, Y/n Jay exploded inside my mouth and hit the back of my throat with each drop. He was petting my head as I helped him ride out his climax before fully shallowing all of his juices. We both stood up to fix ourselves before turning our chairs into beds. He had me lay wit him though and snuggled closely under both our blankets. Im so not letting this snowflake melt away from me. He said as he kissed the top of my head. Good, but youll have to be my nieces snowflake. He chuckled and nodded his head. Agreed. 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