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just finished up tokyo ghoul, SAO, 7 deadly sins, Hunter x Hunter and are looking for some new ones
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Cool I'll look into to it
11 eyes, High school DxD, akame ga kill absolute due compione, black cat,angel beats akatsuki no Yona, aoharu x kikanjuu Ben to
Parasyte the Maxim, Yu Yu Hakusho, Akame Ga Kill, Wolf's Rain, Trigun, Blue Exorcist, D. Gray Man, Deadman Wonderland, Darker Than Black, Shadow Skill (I don't really remember this 80-90's anime but I remember thinking it was awesome), Kaze No Stigma, Bleach, Fairy Tail. I'm sure I can think of more later lol
these are all great thanks guys!
noragami and the devil is a part timer are good