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I was presented the Make Up challange by @jordanhamilton . I am totally a noob when it comes to make up. I have nasty scars that I am trying to get rid of my my surgery and from some of the medication. I go from a nasty teenage break out to black and blue city. Since I take immunosuppressant medication and makes me very weak very tender. so if you touch my arm the wrong way I can get a black and blue. or better yet if I wash my face too hard I could end of a black and blue on the side of my face. So some of the makeup I have I don't use everyday. So I will most definitely write every day on the ones I do use. I'm not going to talk about my perception derma medications that help a little bit but let's go to the L A Von York 's make up box!
I was my face with this in the morning and in the night. The doctor told me that is the best for my skin and I have been using it for years. Everyday 6.99
Oil free lotion, I use this after I was my face. You only have to use only a little bit of this and in the summer I switch to the one with SPF. Everyday 6.99
Nars sheer foundation: This foundation was recomended to me because it can fade scars and it's extremely light weight. I was taugh that I don't have to use much and this bottle should last me at least a year. Which so far I can say, yup! 48.00
Clinique stay Matte I use this once in a blue moon. It helps take away the random oil in my skin and it's actually not a cover up like a foundation. I was instructed to use a brush and lightly go over my face where it is oilly and that is best for me to wear alone when my skin is having fits of rage due to the medication, so basically when my skin is all red and stuff. This powder helps reduce it and covers it up, without putting anything really on. The photo is an example of one. But the one I have has this glow look to it and when you do brush it on, your face (at least my face) it almost looks like I have some type of sheer glitter lol. 25.00-27.00 The 27 dollar one has SPH in it, since I had the transplant, I am very open to get skin cancer.
SPH spray This is used every day during the summer and spring months for my entire body. The doctor said depending on the day I should not fly under 30 SPH. This is sheer not greasy and very easy to use. Along with that I have these really large southern bell hats 9.99
Buxom full on cream I have chicken lips. My lips are super thin. I always been teased and junk lol but this baby helps lol. The tingling plumps my lips some so I don't look like a Muppet baby . I have these in a few colors . 19.00 Every day when I go outside. I stay to the natural look when it comes to these. Nice simple and no more chicken lips
Urban decay Naked smoky Only when I am feeling fancy lol other then that it is sitting there with my Mac lipstick 45.00
Make up go away please 7.99
This does the charm, since I had a really bad eyebrow job and now they need to grow back before I can start again. This time I'm going to an actual brow bar. When I lived in NY I never had so much trouble with my eyebrows are dealing with my natural hair. Down here where I am at now it's a task. I actually have to go back to new York to get my hair smooth out soon. I do it a home but I been weak as crap so the results vary. 8.99 Everyday until they grow out of that bs eyebrow job.
Roller lash Benefit It works, I don't need much because my eyelashes are on the longer side already, however when I do wear it I do see that my ligh brown eyes do pop out more. It's crazy, I been with treatment for 8 years basically 9 and you have no Idea what having no kidneys do to your body. I looked crazy lol. Now it's all about repair. 24.00
Biotin This is actually apart of my medication treatment because countless of the medications make your hair fall out but this buddy right here has been saying me some hair. I still get hair lost but it's not as bad since the doctor said take this 2 times a day 9.99 (on a sale day you can catch them at 5.99)
So in summary, my stuff I use daily is not too much money. It's under 50 dollars. But when I am testing products trying to be fancy that is when the cost knock on my door. In most of my photos of myself that I post up, I am not wearing that much make up. Just my chicken lip tamer, my eyebrow tamer and maybe some mascara and eyeshadow. I'm not a pro at this and most of the stuff scares the hell out of me. I went to get a beauty make over it was nice but I had to tell them I can't do this everyday on my own. I will poke my eye out. Thanks for the challange @TessStevens @jordanhamilton I challange @shannonl5 @butterflyblu @BeannachtOraibh @TiffanyWallace
I totally agree @LAVONYORK. I used to use Clinique products before I switched. It's another good brand.
@easternshell Neutrogena is the best!
I use several of those products. Sunscreen all yr and the Neutrogena oil free moisturizer with spf is really light. My face is combination and I don't want to shine. I use the Nars concealer stick. To remove makeup just some hypoallergenic fragrance free baby wipes. I use those for everything so they are in the vathroom my purse my car. My basic routine is 5 min. Thanks for sharing.
AWESOME! @LaVonYork !!!! I love love love love all the NYX brow products. Great choice! I love seeing different people's routines and yours is no different :)
Lol like wise, I still have some products by them. Just that powder thing when my face freaks out like right now lol
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