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*WARNING SMUT* 50 Shades of Bangtan (Cont. 8)


I woke up to find V staring at me with gentle eyes, he then swept the hair out of my face, "Good morning." I then began to stretch, making that weird moaning we all make. He then laughed, "Save that for tonight," he pulled me closer and gently kissed my forehead. He then pulled up on top of him, I placed my hands on his chest and looked down, "Hi," I said with a tired voice followed by a small yawn. He gave me a sweet smile, "Go down stairs and get yourself something to eat, I'll be down in a minute." I nodded as my stomach growled coincidentally. I hopped off him and made my way downstairs, Jimin had his back to me, whistling to the tune of DOPE. I chuckled and then a lightbulb went off. I went up behind behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my chest against his back lightly, I then began to slide my hand down the front of his pants, he stopped whistling and I smirked. To my surprise he quickly turned around, picked me up, and set me on the counter, "That's my job," he said smirking. "Whatcha doin?" I asked, he turned back to the counter then turned around to face me, he then smirked and booped my nose, it now had whip cream on it, "Does that answer your question?" I tried to reach my nose with my tongue but it was of no use, I wiped it off with my index finger, "Not really," I said before sticking my finger in my mouth. He watched me with intense eyes, my face became red. Luckily, Jin walked in at the right time, "Good morning princess," I said with a smile. "Isn't that what I'm suppose to say to you?" He rubbed his eyes. I watched him as he sleepily walked towards me and then hopped up on the counter next to me. The phone then rang, "I got it," Jimin said, wiping his hands on his pants. Jin looked at me with confusion and I shrugged. Jimin walked in with the rest of the members trailing behind him but one was missing, "We have to go shoot some more for the MV." Jin hopped off the counter, "To the van!" I hopped off the counter also and looked around, "Hey, wh----" J-Hope then grabbed by hand, "Come on! No dilly-dallying!" We were all outside, I was a back a ways waiting for them to file in the van. I stood infront of the van doors staring in dis belief as I noticed alk the seats were taken, one of them was filled up with MV props and clothes. I shook my head and sighed, "Here, you can sit on my lap," Jin said, gently ushering me to take his offer. V looked at me with hungry eyes a long with Jungkook and Jimin. "I will gladly accept your offer," I carefully got in the van and situated myself. Rap Mon started the car and we began our way to our destination. It was pretty quiet in the van besides the fact J-ope was watching YouTube videos and would burst out laughing here and there. All of a sudden we hit a bump and I flew up a bit and landed back on Jin. He then situated his self and I stole a glance behind me, his face was red as he intently stared out the window. D-Did that bump just get him excited? I held back my laughter, not wanting to embarrass him anymore. But what I did was, I swiveled my hips acting like I was situating myself to find a more comfortable. He put his hands on my waist begging me to stop, I could feel his breath on my ear, "P-Please stop, not here," he whispered. I smirked, mission accomplished, "Hey, has anyo---" Rap Mon then stopped the car abruptly, "We're here!" He said in a sing songy tune. We made our way inside and we all got in our outfits and placed in our right area markers, "Where is Suga?" A person with a headset asked. I shrugged, "That's what I've been w----" He then tapped Jin, "You're going to take his place right now." Jin looked at me with nervous eyes, "O-ok." The PD came over, "Alright, we're going to do like what happened yesterday, get into position, and whatever happens happens." Jin then put on a determined expression, he picked me up and gently put me against the wall, I could feel his lips hovering over my neck as he said, "Forgive me." (Sorry it's a day late, my fam is doing Christmas shopping, we're all just a big batch of procrastinators ;-; )