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Yup ladies and gentlemen we are going to create the most outrageous episode of Supernatural together! Here is how you play, I am going to start off with a few sentences in the comments and anyone can jump in and continue the story! This story can be random, you can bring other Fandom characters in it! It's all about being creative and having fun. Most importantly you can write yourself into the episode! The main theme is that the Supernatural cast is our main characters. I don't care if Batman shows up and gives Dean a Bat suit. But the kick is you have to follow what is ahead of your comment and take it wherever you want.
"what's up?" asked dean. "I have a child..." replied castiel. "you have a-what? Did you finally knock someone up?" "Uh-what-no! Get over here right now. I require your help," castiel responded.
Sam was confused. "Family business!? Come on, Dean, you're leaving me in the dark again! Who? What? Where? Why?"
and beer.
Sam is confused by Dean taking off and running when he just came in the house with pie
(thank you :3 !!! @TiffanyWallace )
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