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Okay, Decision December Card two for me! This time we have a Goddess from Noragami, and a Homunculus.
In the Blue Corner of the Ring: Bishamon, the Goddess of War, and one of the Seven Lucky Gods. Bishamon uses spirits that transform into various weapons, armor, and guidance systems. Her Spirits, known as Regalia, are the spirits the Gods believed deserved a second chance at life. Bishamon uses a total of eight Regalia in her battles, I will list each of them and their transformations/attributes. Kazuma: Sakura shaped earring, guidance system and power regulator for all other Regalia Kazuha: .45 acp pistol, does exactly what a pistol does, but is inaccurate without Kazuma Karuha: Revolver, and twin to Kazuha, refer to Kazuha's description Kinuha: barbed Whip, wraps around enemy to hold. Kuraha: Giant Lion, Ridden by Bishamon and attacks with claws and Fangs. Tsuguha: Armor set, invokes the rule of scantily clad invulnerability. emphasis on Scantily Clad
In the Red Corner: Greed, the Homonculus. Greed is a personification of the deadly sin, removed from the complete homonculus, only known as Father, or the dwarf in the flask. Greed has a few abilities and skills, listed below: Ultimate Shield: he transforms parts or all of his body into an ultra hard Carbon, making his skin impenetrable. he can also use Master Swordsman: He shares a body with a Xingese Prince, known as Ling Yao, who was trained in a Xingese sword style, and he himself is a master in it. Tactician: Greed, as Ling Yao, has a calm, calculated approach to combat. he carefully observes his opponent, analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.
So, Vingle Nakama, Otaku, みんなさん. who is our Victor? we have 12 hours to vote, so let's begin! @TylerDurso @kirik @MadAndrea @VinMcCarthy @tbell2 @Danse Okay, the Voting is over! The Winner is Greed the Homonculus!
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greed is a living shield and has a healing factor so unless bishamon knows alchemy or humonculus's weaknesses she pretty much screwed but would be a good fight.
2 years ago·Reply
greed gets my vote with his mixture of ultimate shield and alcahestry
2 years ago·Reply
um... ling Yao doesn't have Alchahestry
2 years ago·Reply
for some reason I mixed him and the girl together my bad
2 years ago·Reply
@SAGEOTAKU I have done that before... but now that I think about it, they're technically family
2 years ago·Reply