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Let's start something and create something new for the vingle community!! Let's set a place and dates for a gathering for all us anime vingle NAKAMA!! We deserve it and we can all at to know how wild and crazy we are!! I'll see what I can do but I'd like to know if this is an empty dream or if people are interested!! Let me know NAKAMA!! Anime is life after all!!
We could all be this badass if we tried!!
Suggestions, locations, dates and all the rest are open for anyone to submit. I just wanna start something here and see how big our vingle anime NAKAMA family can grow!! NAKAMA 4 life!!
@LuffyNewman I do think this would be fun if we could work something out! My main concern is that there are younger people on vingle and of course we want everyone to be safe (I was quite the mischievous little teen lol) But like I said, if there's a con going on in our general area (maybe make a collection for this?) there's always a chance of meeting someone
There are these amazing things called anime conventions where anime lover's gather to interact with fellow anime lover's. Use google to find one close to your location. I go to MetroCon in Tampa Florida. There is also MegaCon in Orlando and many more across the world. As for the NAKAMA Party maybe a Google Hangout will work or a mass Skype video chat. *ponders*
Mhmm I get it..
How would this work? I'm pretty sure most of us live in different states n stuff..
But we should have a nakama party! There's Tokyo in Tulsa in OK I believe
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