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Word count: 952
I can’t wrap my head around it. I’m actually in Seoul, being driven to the dorms. The day just keeps replaying in my head. The reason I’m here. —3 Weeks Earlier— I can’t sit still. I’m shaking at the thought. Could I really win this? I thought and almost instantly becoming drowned in the negative voices that managed to sneak from the back of my mind. “Why the hell do you think that you’d make it (Y/N)? You saw how well the other teams did.” “You danced by yourself in this competition. They danced in groups. They have a better chance in numbers.” I just shake them off. I practiced the danger dance routine for months prior to the competition. I didn’t make one mistake. Why wouldn’t they pick me? The anticipation is rising…. waiting…. waiting…. and waiting. My mind is racing at this point. The judges finally hand over the envelope to the MC. I put my head down scared to hear what he’s about to say… “With no doubt in my mind I knew that she’d win with her stunning dance cover to BTS’ song danger. (Y/N) COME ON DOWN. YOU’VE WON THE CHANCE OF A LIFE TIME. YOU’RE GOING TO SEOUL TO LIVE AND TRAIN WITH BTS!” Distracted in my own thoughts it took me a minute to realize what he said. I stumbled down from the podium and suddenly my legs turn to jelly causing me to fall to my knees. I bolted up like a bullet and rushed to the mc to thank him but tried to refrain from crying. ————————— I sigh to myself and smile. A truly tragic but amazing day. I decide to listen to music and close my eyes for a while but before I know it I feel a person tap my shoulder trying to gain my attention. Only to see it was the surprisingly young man that had been driving me to the dorms. “We’re at the dorms now miss(Y/N). would you like me to carry your bags in for you?” The driver said with bright eyes and a warm smile. i simply reply with “Thats not necessary. You’ve just driven all the way from the airport at 2 am. I 110% capable of carrying them. Thank you for such a pleasant ride.” He smiles and puts his hand out to assist me out of the car. As i step out and grab my bags he proceeds to walk me to the door of the dorms and i suddenly come to a complete halt, like I’ve been frozen completely. The driver looks at me with worried eyes. “You’re scared aren’t you?” He said with nothing but care in his voice. I just nod while looking down at the ground “Listen. They’re just as nice as you see them on the variety shows. I promise there’s nothing to worry about. They’re amazing people and I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy your stay here with them.” He said before picking up my chin and handing me my new house keys with an envelope telling me which room is mine. I smile and thank him before he returns back to the car and drives off. Now i just stand here at the door of the dorms of BTS at 3:45 in the morning. 5 minutes pass… 10 minutes pass… and suddenly the negative voices come back. “What are you doing (Y/N)? You can’t do this. You don’t belong here.” But i manage to silence them and proceed through the door only to see a sleeping Taehyung on the couch. I try to close the front door with ease and get in without waking him. I manage to do it successfully. I look down at my watch and see its now 4:00 am. I sigh. The time zone sucks. Its 2:00 pm in New York right now. Jet lag is going to kill for the first few days. I look up and see the sun is beginning to peel through the slightly open curtains I rush to close it before it hits tae in the eyes, because honestly Id hate to be woken up like that. I get to the curtains before it hits him thank god. I decide to just go to my room and leave the suitcase downstairs for now. I don’t need to be making noise at this early hour. I open the envelope and it tells me my room is the on the second floor and the third door on the left. I grab my backpack and start moving. I study the art on the wall along the stairs and recognize a painting, its starry night my Van Gogh. I stare at it as it floods back old memories of my ex Girlfriend…I sit there and just embrace the moment about the day we first met…suddenly a tear finds it self falling down my cheek. I wipe it away, put in my headphones, blast some bring me the horizon and decide its time to get moving. I get to the door looking down and open it only to bump in to I semi-wet body causing me to fall. I rip out my headphones only to notice I’m at crotch level of this stranger whose towel had fallen. I couldn’t help but bite my lip and stare at it. It was ridiculously big and I couldn’t stop thinking about it being in me…and as I snapped back to reality a finger began to lift my chin up… i could immediately feel the fire rising in my cheeks out of embarrassment I shut my eyes tightly I hear the voice say “Well… Good morning to you too gorgeous”
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