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Alright Mercs with mouths, this is going to be fun and crazy. This is our holiday special featuring Deadpool and everyone and everything. The rules are simple, I'm going to start off the story for "A Deadpool Christmas" in the comments and you guys carry on the story. Now nothing is off limits. Deadpool runs into so many characters in the Marvel Universe, you can bring them in as well. Also since we are the Mercs with mouths, we can even add ourselves as characters. Just remember and keep in mind Deadpool is the main character and it's a Christmas Story. So make it crazy and keep those themes in mind. You can write a sentence or a paragraph! On Monday - Tuesday I will collect all the comments in order and present the "A Deadpool Christmas Story" the only thing that I will change is if I need to use connecting words to make the paragraphs flow onto each other. Deadpool is outrageous so do him proud. Also after this is done I am thinking of making it into a jpeg file and tagging Ryan Reynolds and The Deadpool movie on Twitter so we can make some extra noise!! Stay Frisky ♥ L A Von Dangerous ♥
He could only manage half a donut because the truck was so bent out of shape. After realizing he left Iron Man on his own, Deadpool gets out of the truck,arms full of tacos, and stares at Iron Man fighting the many octopuses. "This dilemma calls for a sushi expert." said Deapool. And with that he ran off only to be stopped by....
With that thought in mind Deadpool pulled out a taco he had stuff inside his pants. He had planned to put it to good use and it was time to do so; he threw the slimy warm taco at Banner. The Earth rumbled with the roar of Hulk. Hulk was unsure of who had thrown the object at him and he didn't care. The alpha octopus with his regenerative abilities, which it actually appeared that the snow had healed it stood out in line of Hulk's sight.
(Mercs we are good at this! I'm fangirl excited I can't wait to put our work together and tag Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool Movie, Hell even Marvel! I might do one for video games because at least Mila (resident evil follows me) and i get response back from a few video game people!)
*down his spine
...his two swords. Deadpool jumped, cartwheeling over one of the Alpha octopuses' tentacles. "I came in like a throwiiiing kniiiife!" shouted Deadpool tornado spinning towards the "Alphapus" slashing through it's slimy flesh. "Ugh, so moist! We need a clean up on the fish aisle. Goo is everywhere!!" screamed Deadpool sheathing his swords and then clasping his face with his hands as if he were a damsel in distress. Suddenly Bruce Banner peeked out of the door of another building. Deadpool saw the genius and a chill rushed down his down as one thought came to mind. Anger = Green guy!!!.....
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