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What the hell?
Im dying to know who it is but i can’t look without dying of embarrassment. I couldn’t help but hold my breath. A very bad habit i’ve had since i was a kid.
The stranger removes his finger from beneath my chin and thats my cue to breathe not noticing how much deep breathes i was taking. As my breathing slows i hear the voice again.
“You can open your eyes now. My towels back on.”
I open my eyes but keep my head down. Only to see a hand reach out to help me up. Before grabbing his hand i admire his bracelet, its black and white diamonds in a thick silver band, just like my anklet.
I try my hardest to rush into the room but he throws his arms across the door frame and clears his throat indicating he wants me to look up.
“You really didn't think that i'd let you just scurry away like that right? Considering you were enjoying starring at my package”
I whip my head up ready to deny everything only to see that the guy you bumped into and had dirty thoughts about was Namjoon.
Fucking Namjoon.
I immediately feel my heart lodge in my throat and it's ready to fly out of my mouth. Fire began to raise in my cheeks yet again. I try to escape his direct eyesight but i couldn’t. His eyes looked beautiful and i couldn’t help but stare and getting lost in my own thoughts
“So… i’m guessing you don’t talk much huh?” he said with a slight laugh and a smile
“I talk…i’m just at a loss of words right now thats all. But hi… i’m (y/n). I won big hits international dance contest. So now i’m moving in.” i said slightly rubbing the back of my neck while he looked at me in complete shock.
“yeah i know. I dont look like a dancer…if thats what you’re wondering” i put in quickly and saw his face change from shock to something i couldn't quite read
“thats amazing welcome. I guess you’ll be sharing a room with me. Im namjoon.” he said with
bright eyes and his dimpled smile before opening his arms to embrace me in a hug, but then remembering he was half naked.
“oh yeah, clothes. Ill be right back okay?” he said before disappearing behind the white wooden door.
I can’t believe that happened. I place my headphones back in my ears and lean against the wall and let my body slide down it. I look at my watch again and see that the encounter between namjoon and i lasted 20 minutes. Meaning the time was now 4:20 am. I’ve only been in seoul for about 2 hours and i’ve already had a dick in my face. I laugh at my own stupidity not noticing that namjoon was standing in the frame of the door smiling down at me.
“Our second encounter and you're back on the floor. Why the fuck are back on the floor (y/n)?" he said with a cocky but harmless tone. I roll my eyes and continue to listen to my song.
"Aish...I have clothes on now, you’re not getting a view of anything else” he said laughing to himself before putting a hand out to help me up but i slapped it away causing him to laugh more. As i got to my feet he pulled me into the room before locking the door.
To my surprise i see a clean room with black walls and silver life quote decals on the wall. But there was one thing that caught my eye…. There was only one bed. I guess he noticed that i realized that which caused him to respond
“haha…yeah your bed isn’t here yet. They ordered it on like monday… for now we’ll have to share mine.”
My head whipped round to him
“w-what did you just say?” i said barely able to breathe.
“we’ll have to share a bed? Dont worry, you dont have to worry about me. It’ll be like i’m not even there” he said as a devilish smirk crawled over his lips.
But it wasn’t him i was worried about. I was worried about me. My mind started drifting away from myself again and started thinking about fucking namjoon. The hot sex smell filling the room. The sound of lustful moans and sinful skin clapping against each other.
“or is it you’re worried about what you might do?” he said snapping me out of my thoughts.
I couldnt help my return that same devilish smile he gave me before stepping past him and over to the bed to lay down and read the magazine i took from the plane. Once securely hidden behind the magazine i decided to lie though my teeth hoping to throw him off of the subject.
“I’m not worried because i’m not interested in you” and suddenly i feel the weight shift on the bed only to realize Namjoon placed himself on top of me.
“i mean you're not interested so it wouldn’t turn you on if i caress body with my hands or if i kissed you no?” He said with his arms crossed and a dark look in his eyes.
Suddenly a feeling of lust filled the room.
I was reluctant to answer. Just thinking about that made me wet. I could already imagine it before he interrupted.
“You want this dont you?” he said cocking up an eyebrow. I just continued to read my magazine until he ripped it out of my hand and threw it across the room. Before i could say anything he threw my arms above my head, holding them in an iron grip, looked me dead in the eyes and said
"It doesn't have to be love. There's a stronger 4 letter l word...." he paused before continuing "it's lust. I can see in your eyes you want this as much as i do" he finished his sentence releasing my wrists from his restraint.
I couldn’t help but laugh before pulling him down into a slow warm passionate kiss. Our weight shifted as he flipped us over without breaking the warm connection we had created. I moved my hips over his hardened member causing him to release a moan in my mouth. I couldn’t believe this was happening… i departed from the kiss and made my way down to his neck leaving little gifts that would show up later. He worked on removing my baggy sweatshirt before unclasping my bra leaving me partially naked in front of him.
His eyes analyzed my body before grabbing my hips to grind me on his now completely hard, throbbing member. A slight moan escape my lips as i threw my head back in complete satisfaction. I felt him grab and caress one of my boobs while he sucked on the other. He looked up at me and stared to rub my now dripping wet core between my legs though my leggings.
“Fuck (y/n) you’re so wet, i haven’t even touched your pussy yet.” he said in a sexy yet devilish tone that sent shivers up my spine. I can’t hold it in anymore. I move from on top of him and put my legs between his and pull down his sweat pants and boxers only to see his member spring up almost 3x bigger than when i saw it before.
Without looking at him a grab it and start licking circles around the tip causing him to release a moan that pleased me. Without a second thought, i take him all in. Gently pulling and sucking him slowly with one hand and cupping his balls with another. His fingers interlocked themselves in my hair in satisfaction. He began guiding my head up and down before taking me off completely and pushing me on my back
“i wanna taste you (y/n).” he said before ripping off my leggings along with my underwear. I complied and let him do as he wanted. He grabbed both of my legs and wrapped them around his shoulders.
He stopped and hesitated
then handed me a pillow.
“You're going to need this (y/n)" I looked at him in shock and laughed
"You really think that i can't hand-"
i felt my stomach clench and i bit down and released my now muffled moans into the pillow. I began to lift my hips, but he kept pushing them down. I dipped my head back a closed my eyes to let the feeling wash over my body. Without me noticing he grabbed a condom and unwrapped my legs from his shoulders allowing me to breathe.
"so (y/n) you think you can handle it?" he said once he put on his protection.
I just bit my lip and laid back and let him do what he wanted with my body.
I felt his tip rub against my clit and it drove my crazy. I tried to contain the moan but i couldn't resist. I grabbed the pillow and let him know i'm ready.
And it happened.
I could feel his thickness ramming between me. Inside me. I couldn't help but arch my back allowing him more access. He was not going slow or planned on slowing anytime soon. His groans made we want it harder and faster. He didn't fail to deliver.
"fuck (y/n) you're so tight. But you take it so well" he said satisfied with how well i was doing
The room was silent. The only sounds were muffled moans and our hips becoming one.
"namjoon i'm cumming-" i managed to get out with the air i had left in my lungs
"not yet baby girl. You're - not -aloud - to -come -yet" he said getting harder with every pump. My legs were shaking at this point. His final pump and we both reached our climax and i felt him slide out of and slump next to me.
"i don't think sleeping in the same bed will be a problem now, do you?" he said with that devilish smirk again. I just rolled my eyes and climbed on top of him placing one final kiss on his lips before grabbing my phone and attempting to walk to the bathroom.
I heard him laugh and comment
"Do you need help walking baby girl? Did i fuck you too hard?" I rolled my eyes and shut the bathroom door. "i'm gonna shower" i yelled from the black tiled bathroom and got nothing but the sound of sweet silence back
Wow. Lust is stronger than love...
"I've only been in Seoul for about 2 hours and I've already had a dick in my face" hahaha I'm dying..😂😂😂
....i think i just died... >////< and i was listening to Do You by Namjoon while reading this....
😱😱 my soul has left my body!!! I can't look at Rapmon right now omg!!!
me blushing like hell... sitting next to me my mom, "What are you reading?" Me, "Nothing...."
@krin same 😂 I now think of this scene whenever he makes I contact with the camera
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