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I am sorry about not posting a video yesterday :< aaah vingle said i had 400 followers on this card but now it is 299 :( I wonder if people unfollowed because of that? Sorry...My mouth is still sore. I was given medication. It is numb so I will post something today hopefully.
I have a new language partner on the Hello Talk app who told me some more things about 있다 that is really important. but for now the next video will be on ㄱ ㄷ as planned
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@kpopandkimchi thank you ㅠㅠ i only felt better recently like the day before yesterday but i was super busy. part of it still feels eh but i can talk. and i wanted to make a video yesterday but i got my monthly gift for the 2nd time this i wasn't feeling well. I will do one today!!! I am so sorry for taking so long
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