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Current big 4 anime. What's your opinions, I can agree for the most part for this current era when it comes To views and sales, what's your big 4??
They all look so badass in this pick I wish I could be part of the group N be a big 5, but 4 is my fav number n I wouldn't feel right kicking any of them out.
Character wise my favorite in order are Naruto, Luffy, Ichigo, and Natsu. Series wise is Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and Fairy Tail.
@OGv6FATE good choices NAKAMA! Id say chRacter would be Luffy of course then naruto, natsu then ichigo. Series would be OP then naruto then FT then bleach, mainly bc bleach ended, I really wanna read the ongoing bleach manga since I've read all the FT manga up to date and see if the current ark about the soul society king with the quinces is gonna be epic rap since zaraki learns his bankai!!
@LuffyNewman Out of any characters from the series it goes Naruto, Laxus, and Byakuya tied with Shanks.
fairy tail is the best
Yeah but remember goku is 80&90's big time era these are the new big 4's back then it was goku, kenshin, yu yu, and inuyasha. But def a good choice NAKAMA @JimmyTruong
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