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Current big 4 anime. What's your opinions, I can agree for the most part for this current era when it comes To views and sales, what's your big 4??
They all look so badass in this pick I wish I could be part of the group N be a big 5, but 4 is my fav number n I wouldn't feel right kicking any of them out.
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@LuffyNewman Out of any characters from the series it goes Naruto, Laxus, and Byakuya tied with Shanks.
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fairytail is the best
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🍥Naruto was officially the #1 anime in the world the last time I checked (DBZ aside) 💻You could go to almost any anime website and all you'd see is Naruto decorations everywhere. 🎮They have the most games as well (DBZ aside). I think One Piece is ahead of Bleach, but I don't know. @LuffyNewman
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HEY! 🔥Natsu is absolutely NOT taller than 🍥Naruto. This pic is crazy!
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Why's Naruto so small? XD. FAIL!
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