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Aoharu x Machinegun

Genre:Genre Action, Comedy, Military (Airsoft) Japanese name: Aoharu x Kikanju Japanese Name in Japanese: 青春×機関銃 Date/Year Released:July 3, 2015 Date/Year Ended:September 18, 2015 Epsiode Count: 12


Highchool student, Hotaru Tachibana, a girl who is caught into the world of "Survival Games", a game that involves fake guns. She gets caught into-her-new-obsession after a misunderstanding with a host; Masamune Matsuoka, a perverted adult who seems not have grown up at all, and Masamune Matsuoka, a author(mangaka) of an Erotic manga. Together, they become a team, and battle against others to become the top, or so Tachibana thinks.

7/10 Review

This isn't really a spoiler, since you figure this out the first 2 minutes in, Hotaru Tachibana, is basically a trap - character; aka a charaters who resembles a guy but is actually a girl, and she does consider herself a girl or I would've called her a "he" out of respect, buts she's a girl, who considers herself a girl but likes wearing more masculine clothing and dress pants instead of a skirt in school, as confusing as it sounds, the problem here though, is that everyone else thinks she's a guy but her closest friend. Not that Hotaru Tachibana keeps it secret, but she she doesn't talk about herself so much, she cares way too much about other people to care. But later on she does keeps it a secret because of certain circumstances. But I have to say, my favorite part of her personality is how hothead and demented she is when "un-justice" is done. Again, if you love female characters who have a lot power, Hotaru Tachibana could possibly be put on that list. The thing that could've helped me give his a higher review would've been if they actually got to the part of the Manga where she revealed herself(finally), though the anime is now finish, there may be anepisode where she reveals herself may be featured as a new winter anime, though I am not still not clear of the. information, so I wouldn't jump to conclusions. (which I am hoping I will be able to find time to showcase new winter Anime's coming out soon). Plus it kinda feels slow-paced in some area, and it would've been cooler to see some big character development in the main characters. Now if you want me to review an anime or manga comment below the name; I will only review the Manga series/animes that I have read/seen, but I may watch a anime you request depending on the episode count. Also this may not be my finalized review, I slowly change, edit and reinforce my reviews every now and then.
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@HiwaRasul haha true, I would wait for it at midnight every week
haha I would love a second season
@HiwaRasul Well, as I mentioned in the review there gonna be episode released this new winter season(if I am correct), but that's all, plus there's always the Manga ;)
yeaaaaaaaaaaaah I be staying up for it and waiting for it
This is one of my favorite anime~