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Hiya. This is me. :-)
Selfie means I just have to be in them, right? Lol. :-)
(99.9% of the time I feel compelled to make abstract media art out of photos. But I've chosen these 3 and refrained (more than usual) so you can at least you can see who I am in them. Lol.)
2. Dream Crush
I've never been good with narrowing down things so the best I could do was down to top 4.
Dream partner would be a surprise lucky dip mix of them all :-) Minus the celebrity status. Lol.
Lenny Kravitz Ever since I was 14. In a nutshell? Oozes individuality and owns it.
Lauren Prepon Ever since the first season of That 70s Show. Harmoniously goofy & sassy.
If you rolled Howard Moon (played by Julian Barratt) and Vince Noir (played by Noel Fielding) from The Mighty Boosh into one person. Creative comedy genius duo. It's like they just get me, and made a show just for me. Lol.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt. More recently. Best quote used to describe him in an article: "Manic pixie dream boyfriend/human animal". Sums up my thoughts exactly!
3. Current Status
Single. And at furtherest point from looking for a relationship. Only been out of a relationship 6ish months. Have spent my adult life living with partners (so 2 separate relationships totalling 14 years, had been married to the first person). Have loved hard and have had to learn to walk away from unhealthy relationships. Sounds easy but anyone who has would know it's actually insanely hard. Things that defy logic usually are though. Lol.
Am smitten with my very first very own (kickarse) apartment. Renting obviously. Lol. I'm enjoying being single a little too much because I've realised it's like being in a one on one relationship of some kind with everyone in your life when you think about it. I'm super grateful for and love my family and my friends (who I consider as family anyway) and feel content with singledom at the moment. I am a peace-loving hippie/tomboy/gypsy with a wicked sense of humour. I don't do being mean and I don't do fake. If I choose to be around you, I want to be there.
4. On Romance.... ahhhhhhmm...what?
I have to explain that I'm not a fan of cheesy romance, Valentine's Day, or buying/been given 'stuff' for the sake of it. I generally avoid using the word 'romantic' because (honestly the association makes me gag) so I'll call it 'intimate'. Lol. Intimate experiences shared between my partners and I, have always/will always get the absolute green light from me. By that I mean going to music festivals together, chilling with a bottle wine on a rug in a park listening to tunes, a weekend getaway, exploring new places. Those are what have been & will always be my favourite and most memorable kinds of intimate experiences. :-)
Ps. I've have loved getting random handwritten letters/notes/home-made cards though. They've certainly not lacked in originality, thoughtfulness & humour. And it's a gift tenfold+ because it can be reread whenever. :-)
5. My Ideal Partner.
They need to be themselves & be honest first & foremost.
Be open minded, quirky sense of humour, be able think for themselves and form their their own opinions, not blindly follow authority/institutions/the masses without questioning why first, demonstrate a history of and continue to show they have a strong moral compass regarding how they treat other human beings. Which basically means with respect, compassion and kindness regardless of a person's background/status.
I don't have one specific type per say. I'm attracted an individual. Sometimes I surprise myself. When I like someone, I like them. :-)
Thanks for your time, Lovebugs. Peace, love and Light. xx
@InPlainSight wow this what I woke up to haha
@MissB82 Always a true lady.Your femininity oozes and your discretion is undoubtedly a desirable and endearing trait.
@InPlainSight I knew that. Just with the innuendos in that word & to be a lady, I had to let you be the one to say it.
I wanted it on my forehead
OK good. Now stop wriggling. This won't hurt a bit, while I tattoo 'camomilic' on your... neck is where you've always wanted one, right? You're a bad arse, @InPlainSight. :-) Taking Word Wizardry to new heights.
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