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///Yass!! Longhaired Jun is life. When I found out he cut it, I cried so hard, man. I lost half my body weight in tears. But then I looked at his face for several minutes and I became happy again's I really need to explain?///
YOUR POV: "Why do we have to be out so late?" I ask my best friend, Natalie as we wander through Whisper Forest. I'm not a fan of forests..... or the dark. Those two together is a big no-no in my book. "I lost my lipgloss." She finally tells me. "Really? You lost one of your billions of lipglosses? Why don't you just use a different one?" I ask, annoyed. "Because this one is Pink Princess and I need it to match my swimsuit." She stomps her flip flopped foot like a child. I rolled my eyes. "Really? Can't you just use Sparkle Sunrise?" I ask, teasing her. "How dare you!! You know Sparkle Sunrise would never go with that swimsuit and I didn't bring the one that matched." She pouted and walked off, leaving me a laughing mess. I loved Natalie but her littler quirks are hilarious!! I finally managed to stop laughing and looked up to find that....Natalie is gone. "Nat?" I call, pivoting in a circle. "Natalie?!?" I call louder. I start walking, looking for my friend. "I know you didn't leave me out here alone!!" I mumble, angrily. I feel like someone is watching me. Oh my goodness. This better not be like one of those scary movies where the stupid girl, a.k.a. me, gets killed by the random axe murderer that jumps out of the large trees. I wrapped my arms around myself an continued walking, twigs snapping under my converse. I look around; hoping to catch a glimpse of Natalie. I shivered as a cold breeze blows. I stopped for a bit to look around. I heard twigs snapping in the distance. I turned toward the sound before turning to run. Yup....I'm definitely not alone. JUNHUI'S POV: The sweet aroma of type A blood wafted through my nose. must be that girl again. She comes here alot. Every weekend with that girl I assume is a close friend of her's. She's seems dimwitted. I don't understand why she hangs out with that one. Maybe because of a little bond thing that humans hold dear.....I don't understand it. What's it called? Love? Uck!! Talk about sappy. I was strolling through the woods, looking for a midnight snack when the scent hit me. It was familiar. Like I've smelt it before. Maybe in one of my past lives. I searched for the source and came upon the girl. She was talking to her 'friend'. "Really? You lost one of your billions of lipglosses? Why don't you just use a different one?" I heard her ask, looking annoyed. "Because this one is Pink Princess and I need it to match my swimsuit." Her friend whines. I roll my eyes. Typical human, throws a tantrum over the smallest things. "Really? Can't you just use Sparkle Sunrise?" The girl asked in a teasing manner....I liked that tone. The other gasped. "How dare you! You know Sparkle Sunrise would never go with that swimsuit and I didn't bring the one that matched." The girl started laughing, causing her friend to stomp off. She didn't seem to notice over her fits of laughter. I liked how breezy and collected her laugh sounded. It was a sound I haven't heard since......Since I was with LiHua. I dwelled in the sound until it came to an abrupt ending. "Nat?" I heard her voice call. "Natalie?!?" Fear started to resonate in her voice. It was an attractive sound I'm used to hearing from my victims yet....when it's not directed toward me...I feel quite sympathetic. Oh what am I kidding? She's just a human girl! A warm-blooded human girl who would make a perfect snack. I watch as she takes off in a fast-paced walk, looking from left to right. I see the chase has begun. I stalked her from behind, her scent becoming even more ravishing the longer I follow. She keeps looking around for her friend. She stops for a bit and I think it's the best time to tease her. Get her blood pumping…to make it easier for me. I take another step; purposefully stepping on a few twigs. Her head snaps up quickly and look in my general direction. I couldn't see her face but I knew she was afraid because she turned back around and ran away. I laughed to myself and started chasing her. YOUR POV: I could hear footsteps behind me but I didn't dare look back. I was too busy making sure I didn't trip over anything like those blondes in the scary movies. (A/N: No offense to all the blondes out there, it's just…that always happens. ALWAYS!) I feel the floor slip from under me, sending me flying forward. I land on the ground with excessive force. I groan in pain; looking to see what I slipped on. I see my footprint in a large patch of mud. I slipped on mud. Where did mud come from? It hasn't rained all summer. See! This is why I don't like forests! I hear a low snarl in the distance. I try to get up but the pain in my leg is quite unbearable. I look down to see a darkening bruise on my right calf. I hiss at the sight and try to move. I slide over to a tree and press my back against it. I inspect my arm and see a large gaping wound on my forearm. I sigh and gulp, the sight of blood making me dizzy. I overcome my dizziness with a sharp exhale and look around. I don't hear or see anything. I sigh in relief and lean my head back against the tree. "Oh honey. I wouldn't relax if I was you." I hear a deep voice say above me. I look up to see a man hanging from a branch above me. JUNHUI'S POV: This chase was fun but….I was getting hungry. I see her fall forward and groan slightly. She cries out softly and tries to stand up but falls back down. She looks at her leg. I see a bruise. Ooh! Lucky me. I like it when my prey is injured. I also smell the scent of exposed blood. I jump up and climb throughout the tree branches. She leans against a nearby tree and looks down at her arm to see a gaping flesh wound; blood gushing out. It took everything in me not to pounce now. I liked my lips, anticipating the taste. She looks up from the wound and looks at her surroundings. She mustn't have been able to see me because she sighs in relief and gulps. I hang from a branch above her. "Oh honey. I wouldn't relax if I were you." I quip. She glances upwards and gasp, darting from the tree. YOUR POV: I jumped up quickly, ignoring the sharp pain radiating from my leg. Oh my gosh. I can't die today. Not today! Please!! I continue running; unsure if where I was going. I arrive at a clearing, next to the lake. I stop and look around; adrenaline pumping thoughout my body. Moonlight lit everything up. I heard that snarl again. I turn to look at the forest behind me. But I see nothing. Suddenly I feel my back being pushed again a large tree nearby. I scream slightly. "Go ahead. You can start screaming if you would like." I look up to see the guy pressing me against the tree, his eyes glowing red. He smiles and reveals four sharp fangs; two on the top, two on the bottom. "No one's is going to be able to hear you." I refuse to give him the satisfaction of hearing me scream. If he is going to kill me, I'm not going to give him anymore pleasure. "Go ahead." I mutter, looking away. "Wait….what?" I hear him ask. He sounded confused. I looked back at him and my eyes grew wide. He was suprisingly attractive. Why did my murderer have to be hot? I swear, the gods above hate me. "Go ahead. Do what you want. I'm not going to scream for you!" I suprised myself by how collected voice sounded. When I looked at him, his eyes also grew large…….. JUNHUI'S POV: No… can't be. But she's dead…isn't she? "LiHua.…?" I muttered in question. She looked confused. "Who?" She asked. Even their voices were the same….it can't be. She died. Didn't she? "Oh my god." I let go of the girl sending her falling to the ground. She groaned in pain as she hit the floor. She grabbed her leg and looked up at me, accusing. Her (H/C) hair falling in her eyes. "What? Having second thoughts?" She asked, angrily. I shook my head. "Who are you?" I ask. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" She quips….just like LiHua would. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration. "Just answer the question." I growled. "Fine. If you must know. My name is (Y/N)." She shakes her head. I shake my head. I knew it wasn't her. But how…how can they look so much alike? How? I hear her groaning. I look up to see her trying to stand up. She can't seem to put pressure on her leg. Tears threatened to fall from her eyes. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "Trying to stand." She mutters. "You can't. You broke your leg." I tell her. "You don't say?" She says sarcastically. I roll my eyes. She's sarcastic like LiHua too. "Here let me help you." I say walking over. "No! Don't touch me." She yells. I ignore her and kneel in front of her. I took her right calf in my hands and closed my eyes. YOUR POV: I didn't want this guy to touch me but I couldn't run away and….I felt like I have met him before or he looks familiar. Weird. Anyway, he took my leg in his hands. Suprisingly.….his hands weren't cold. They were warm and soft….that's not what you would expect from a 'creature of the night'. I start feeling a deep pain in my leg. I look down to see my leg is glowing slightly. I bite my lip to stop from myself from screaming. Soon the pain subsides and he removes his hands. "There….much better, right?" He asks. "Yeah…Thanks." I rub the spot where the bruise used to be. "No problem.…" His voiced trailed off. I looked up at him to see him looking back down at me. We looked into each other's eyes for a while. My gaze dropped to his lips and back at his eyes. I looked up to see his gaze returning to my eyes too. I felt a blush play at my cheeks. "(Y/N)?" He was about to ask but was cut off. "(Y/N)!! (Y/N)!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?" It sounded like Natalie and my dad. "That sounds like my dad." I look behind me to see a flashlight beam. "I better get going." I hear him say. "Wait." I grab his wrist. "Can you tell me your name?" "It's Junhui….but you can call me Jun.." He smiled, standing up. A blast of cold air hits my face, making me look away. When I look back, he's gone. "(Y/N)!!" I look up to see Natalie running towards me, tears streaming down her face. "Oh my God. Thank goodness you're okay." She looks at me. "Yeah. I'm okay." I mutter, hugging her back. "I'm okay." I look off and see a silhouette in the distance. His long hair blowing back. He looked back too and I saw his glowing eyes again, before he disappeared. 'I have a feeling I will see him soon.' I think, my gaze falling to my healed leg.
@ivyheart13 Yes there will be.
@DawanaMason I will. I'm so happy you liked it!!
Okay...this was my first supernatural imagine...I hope you liked it!!
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