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This is part two of a series of cards that i will be doing on how satan and the pathological narcissist are virtually one and the same. In the previous card, i said how the narcissists mind is controlled by satan, so literally, when you get into a relationship with a narcissist, you are going toe to toe with satan himself. But the next thing that i will talk about is probably the most important thing to remember about the narcissist and satan. Logically, satan nor the narcissist is going to come to you showing their true self because then you would just run away. But the narcissist has a facade or a mask that he wears. Unless you become the target of their abuse, you will never see behind the mask. To the world he is a charming, nice, popular and an all around good guy. They are also very charismatic and may also appear to be empathetic and compassionate. Or they may even arrouse feelings of empathy and compassion in you for themselves. You may feel a strong emotional bond and think that you have found the one. They will make you feel special and shower you with as much affection and attention as needed to take your heart captive. It is not until after the emotional bond and love is fully established that they will begin to let the mask slip. Once they have methodically taken you apart piece by piece and left you for dead, They will go on being Mr. Charming good guy to the world. You will never see him the same again but others have no clue. Ted Bundy is a perfect example of a malignant narcissist at his worst.
Ted Bundy was a serial rapist and murderer. He even had sex with the dead bodies and kept body parts such as heads. But he had a girlfriend and her daughter (a little girl) played with him and liked him. He worked the phones at a suicide prevention agency talking people out of killing themselves and did so effectivly. He earned a great reputation and was well respected. He lured his victims by pretending to be hurt and needing help. His youngest victim was 12 years old. There is much else to know about Ted Bundy. You may want to read up on him if you have never dône that. So I think my point is well made. I want to leave you with two pictures of my ex narcissist.
(swipe left to see other photo) The first one is with the charming good guy mask. The second is an angry, abusive, sexual predator who didnt get his way. Yeah, It's the same guy. So, that concludes part two of how satan and the pathological narcissist are virtually one and the same.
That stuff regarding Ted Bundy was really interesting. Very well thought out and interesting Melissa!
@TessStevens ty. i knew the ted bundy bit would bring my'point home and get attention too.