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Ok so first of all 100K VIEWS, literally speechless. You guys are the best!! and second of all, I'm going to this fancy Christmas play tomorrow and I most likely will not be able to update 50SOB but I might be able to upload a couple chptrs of PMU (I have them pre-written). I'm going to try to upload another chptr if 50SOB today to make up for the one tomorrow but I can't make any promises, it might be uploaded later tonight, might be uploaded later tomorrow, whatever happens, happens. But, you guys will get a new chapter! :3 That also means I might not be able to respond to comments as quickly so be patient with me. (: @DawanaMason @JennaMorgan @Valerie816 @MorleeCorielus @MaristaGil @Kyokeo @dancingdazzler @jazbasquez22 @staceyholley @NasiaWright @MsLoyalHeart @punkpandabear @MichelleFraziee @emmasays @GossamoKewen95 @UnnieCakesAli @parktaemi @domo9456 @DestinaByrd @Taylor1Wright @LaurenDimalanta @CrystalGuerra @EllieSaurich @DevonArce @TaehyungKey @LorenaVelazquez @SierraBecerra @SunnaWalo @RihannaTiaMay @MinDeji @VeronicaArtino @DreaG1518 @XionHeart @ivyheart13 @TracyLynnn @OhHana @amobigbang @JaxomB @HyunnieKim @chinabarrier16 @marisamusic @VKookie47
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PLZZZZ tag me
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tag me too pls!!
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I would like to be tagged too please
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could you tag me too please?? thank you..and btw thanks for taking the time to even write this for
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