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Ok so first of all 100K VIEWS, literally speechless. You guys are the best!! and second of all, I'm going to this fancy Christmas play tomorrow and I most likely will not be able to update 50SOB but I might be able to upload a couple chptrs of PMU (I have them pre-written). I'm going to try to upload another chptr if 50SOB today to make up for the one tomorrow but I can't make any promises, it might be uploaded later tonight, might be uploaded later tomorrow, whatever happens, happens. But, you guys will get a new chapter! :3 That also means I might not be able to respond to comments as quickly so be patient with me. (: @DawanaMason @JennaMorgan @Valerie816 @MorleeCorielus @MaristaGil @Kyokeo @dancingdazzler @jazbasquez22 @staceyholley @NasiaWright @MsLoyalHeart @punkpandabear @MichelleFraziee @emmasays @GossamoKewen95 @UnnieCakesAli @parktaemi @domo9456 @DestinaByrd @Taylor1Wright @LaurenDimalanta @CrystalGuerra @EllieSaurich @DevonArce @TaehyungKey @LorenaVelazquez @SierraBecerra @SunnaWalo @RihannaTiaMay @MinDeji @VeronicaArtino @DreaG1518 @XionHeart @ivyheart13 @TracyLynnn @OhHana @amobigbang @JaxomB @HyunnieKim @chinabarrier16 @marisamusic @VKookie47
would you mind tagging me in these? they're really good!
Have fun at the play!! Thanks so much for sharing with us and I'm sure we can wait, quality over quantity girl😊❤️
could you tag me too please?? thank you..and btw thanks for taking the time to even write this for
I would like to be tagged too please
tag me too pls!!
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