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So, I've been told to tell everyone my plan for 2016 as my new year resolutions. @danidee BEHOLD. MY GORGEOUS PLAN!

Next year, I will......

1. Rescue more cats, love more cats, and Provide happy lives for more cats in need of my care and protection!

Yes, I'm a cat lady! Deal with it! (I have 6 cats and three dogs. Want to know how I keep the dogs from hunting the cats? I use the traditional Hispanic voice. A.k.a. the loud ass scream of the tiny nerd. I'm half Venezuelan.)

2. I will continue to improve and strengthen my relationship with my nearly 2-year boyfriend ^.^

It may be hard to believe but in real life, I'm April with the cat mood and my boyfriend is the one who deals with my constant grumpy self. lol. I'm happy here because I love my time here and my moods dissipate. My boyfriend has to give me food to cheer me up... sooo, Vingle should be proud for making me a happy nerd without food!

3. I will go through my next semester of college as a pre-physical therapy student.

I will TRY to make friends. (and I know the star wars fans are eating me alive, saying I do, not try.) @TessStevens Because of you, I can finally admit I hope to be more open to things that bring me out of my comfort zone next year. I must be comfortable with change.

4. AND lastly, I will attempt to finish writing my fictional book that will hopefully bring to life a new world to the many fictional worlds us nerds are familiar with!

That's it! :3 Psttt... If you're a cat fan, leave a kitty face = :3 If you're not, leave your best doggy face =
Cool resolutions🎉😁@Luci546 I love cats too:3💞
Awwww ^.^ YAY. and happy new years!!!