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Today it is time for the month of March and all the fun I this is the month that began the end of my 3-month binge on ELO's Your Love (was seriously on repeat) and all the other songs I bought on my iPod....


I thought I would start this card off with something very special to me. You know there is always that one song that you just absolutely love and years would pass by (or months if your lucky) before you realize why you really liked the song so much.....This is that song for me. let's exclude the fact that I love Iron very much and that Babylon was an exciting touch to this song but it really is all in the lyrics

Break Up With Break Up

Lol who comes up with a song title like this and thinks they won't get all of my love. I honestly don't know if I should be happy that this song was so amazingly written or be worried about who caused them to write such a lovely song.
FYI~ Shout out to the awesome beyond words mv. I totally dig the style. It's half 90's and modern and entirely lovable.
Zero Gravity

Beautiful Girl

We all knew this song was gonna happen for awhile (that is if you know who HaHa is and how much he loves reggae and besides he kept talking about how he was going to remake the song....)

Stop Love

I really really really like this song. It just makes me smile all happily like an idiot. But a well contented idiot. But I'll confess I didn't know about this song for a couple of months.....
I mean did any of you know this song existed??

S대는 갔텐데 (Mastering)



This is my jam. I love listening to this song and watching the mv with all the insinuated innuendos

We're Different/ We Know

JungKey continues to be the source of all my sad mellow slow songs and my favorite heartbreaker. He writes such soothing and heart crushing melodies and lyrics that even though they hurt I continue to go back to them because they are sort of a cure to my pain at the some time. Sort of like numbing the pain with more pain......>.>
Idk but that's how I feel about this song. And Yang Da Il has such an amazing and powerful voice that I don't even know how to explain what I feel from him.

Sleep Tight

Ya'll know this is my baby right? I just adore this man and support him 100%. He has made some bad choices in life and has gotten in trouble quite a bit but his lyrics are always true to self and amazing.

Do You


Call Me Baby

Lmao....that's all I have to say.....
Lol no it's not. I truly loved this song and had fun bouncing around to it (still bounce around to it too lol)
Plus I got both the Korean and Chinese versions for which ever version you like better or if you like both equally.

I'm OK

I think this song was made to break my heart all over again and it totally succeed at it's task because my heart started to ache at just hearing the melody and tears started to well up at the sound of Eric's voice. Does anyone else feel this way for this song? Or is there a song that really speaks to you? Please do tell.

Bang Diggy Bang Bang

I Love This Song So Much!!!!


I'll just say that I included the remix's simply boss!!!!!

Is You

For me this one of those songs that just makes me smirk and I be like, 'Yea this is my jam'. And I just be chillin' like it's nothing.

Take Care Of You

Oppa told me this was a theme song for me so I will take it as just that and keep it moving. This song truly more amazing than I expected every time I listen to it. I thought it wouldn't get any better the more I listened to it because I usually get tired of songs like this but I still love this song strongly. I love every thing about this song.



Hug Me

I absolutely love and adore the soulful voices of 2BiC and JiHwan's solo song is no exception to the love. And who wouldn't want to hug such a big cuddly man like JiHwan
So what were your favorite songs on this list?
Tagging everyone I know (tag others too)
@CreeTheOtaku lol do you is such a cool song and of course a fun song like call me baby should bring ppl into the fandom @sarahdarwish I'm glad I got at least 2 of your favs on this list @KwonOfAKind yes go up date your playlist @VeronicaArtino lol are you still working out to this song a little baby was the song I exercised a lot to. lol but I didn't realize a lot of these songs so thank you
What I learned from this card is.....that I've got add these songs to my Playlist ♡♡
^^^^ and I'm ok and Zero Gravity :)
Do you was my jam and so was call me baby ( I got my cousins into kpop with that song)
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