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Ok...so Ok...Ok...I'm alright... I'M NOT OK! GUYS I AM NOT OK! I had to sit down on this one because my heart skipped about 3 beats, I couldn't breathe, and my vision got blurry. I knew that Boruto was going to get a series. that's not what caused this reaction. ITACHI! FUCKIN' ITACHI IS GETTING HIS OWN SPINOFF! I almost cried! Itachi is my most coveted character. I don't like to play favorites because I've seen so much and been through so many characters, but Itachi... Itachi just might claim that position.
Is anyone else as excited as I am?? like bruh, I can't even right now.
No doubt. I figured that a manga and anime would come out for Boruto especially since the movie was made. The Itachi part is what got me super excited. I can't fuckin' wait. @HiwaRasul
Geez... The new episode of Naruto killed me tho... The backstory of Itachi they just did... I'm assuming that was to lead up to the spinoff.. Cuz it definitely wasn't apart of the manga...
Yeah, I'm way more excited about this than with the Boruto stuff. I'm just really glad that the rumors were true and Itachi is gonna have his much appreciated series. @AtisutoMeru
I'm with ya @UzumakiJess ! I can't wait!!
Umm I'm beyond excited. Like there isn't even a word to describe how happy this makes me!!!!
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