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What better way could there be for Wesley Snipes to celebrate his release from federal prison than signing up to co-star in 'The Expendables 3'? And what better way could there be to learn the news than a middle-of-the-night Tweet by Sylvester Stallone himself? Wesley Snipes has been out of circulation for a while, of course, and any time someone comes out of prison, it's a gamble about whether or not they're going to be able to pick up where they left off, and in entrainment, it seems like it's even more of a gamble. Sure, there are stories like Johnny Cash, and the public loves to forgive people they like, but I'm not sure Wesley Snipes was particularly beloved when he went into prison in the first place. He had burned a lot of bridges in the industry, and he wasn't exactly toplining giant studio movies anymore. "The Expendables" seems like it hinges on the idea of career rehab, though, and while I haven't really liked either of the films, I like the idea of them. I like the notion that we're getting these action movies that feel like relics of an earlier time, and the movies all star actors who could also be considered relics of an earlier time. Wesley Snipes would actually be one of the younger guys in the film if he does indeed join the ensemble. Stallone's also been talking about making Jackie Chan part of the cast as well, and based on the conversation I had with Chan last year at Comic-Con, he would be game if that deal comes together. About that Gibson thing... It looked like it was just a sort of idle speculation on Stallone's part, and he got some immediate negative feedback from some of the people on Twitter, but I'd be totally interested if that happened. Yes, I know. And I agree. I doubt I'll be throwing a dinner party and inviting Gibson any time soon, and he strikes me as a somewhat pathetic figure at this point. His personal battles seem like rough ones. But I think Gibson's a better filmmaker than anyone who's had anything to do with the series so far, and at this point, what does he have to lose? If these films are offering career redemption to the action icons of the '80s, then having Mad Max himself helm one of the films seems absolutely appropriate. And who knows? Maybe he'd knock it out of the park. Maybe he's the perfect guy to do something like this at this point. Whatever the case, it sounds like they're definitely gearing up on the next one, and I'm guessing Stallone casts a wide net each time out. Steven Seagal is one of the few people I've seen Stallone specifically exclude, saying it just won't work out. Otherwise, if you blew anything up or shot anyone in the '80s, chances are you're going to get a phone call from Stallone at some point.