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A special thanks to @SongSeoYeon for bringing this group to my attention. Now I can share it with you guys!!!
Bangtan Hearts is a project about love and unity. They are making origami paper hearts and are planning to send them all off to Big Hit for BTS. 
The goal for this is to show the world how much we love BTS.
Bangtan Hearts is simple yet unique and fun! This gives fans a time to unite and come together as one, to share our love for BTS among each other.
You can join them in a huge effort to show our love for BTS and unity as ARMYs. Bangtan Hearts is sure to spread positivity in the K-pop world!
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@MadAndrea I think it would be ok since they have said before that they think of ARMY as a family and I feel like other fans most of used other things like "oppa" in there card. As long as you dont go to far as using weird nicknames like calling Namjoon, namjoonie or stuff like that, it should be fine.
@SusiBosshammer Too many oppas to keep straight lol I might do that but I think for my sake I'll keep it simple because some are younger than me but Rapmon is 8 days younger than me and it'd feel weird not calling him oppa.... ugh. confusing. Or do I just call them all oppa like just because? I'm so bad at those!
@MadAndrea screw it I'm stressing it too much lol names it is. I just can't deal with that and I doubt they'd even care.
@MadAndrea I think you should write whatever your heart desires, they will appreciate the fact that you took time to make them a heart and Im sure if you use their name, stage name or oppa they won't mind.
@SusiBosshammer That's what I figured lol that's why I'mma just do it from the heart yup. And oh lord that'd be so awkward to use weird nicknames 😅