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You were holding it in your hands.
You: "W-what is this?"
V: "Baby please don't over react I can explain..." his voice sounded shaken
You: "Then please explain,explain to me why you have a picture of someone who looks exactly like me, in your house." You threw the picture onto the couch, revealing you at a park smiling cherry blossoms all around you.
V: "Okay listen to me, and don't freak out."
You: "I am passed freaked the fuck out." V: "Alright," he sighed, "about a year ago the group and i went to a psychic. She gave each of us a picture of a girl we would meet and fall in love with. This is the one she gave me, I framed it and held onto it, waiting for the day I would get to see you're gorgeous face with my own eyes."
You weren't sure if you should be scared or happy, but you were both. You stood there staring at him, you seen his eyes being to water. It broke your heart.
V: "There's one more thing," he said wiping his tears, "The woman gave Namjoon, and Jimin the same picture...." You fell to the floor, *what the hell does this mean, am I supposed to fall in love with all of them* you thought to yourself.
You: "So that's why you were so quick to grab me....not because you actually liked me, but because some stupid psychic told you so. And if that is true it explains the weird looks Jimin was giving me and why Namjoon has been so harsh with me."
V: "Y/n don't say that even without this picture I knew the moment I seen you, I loved you. The way your face was when you looked at me I know you felt it too. It's not just something the psychic told me, it's something that actually happened. Remember she only said we'd fall in love with the girl, not that she'd love us back."
Your talk with V went on for hours, he kept saying he loved you but you never believed him. You also didn't even care to notice it was the first time he said that to you.
V: "I can't argue anymore honey," he grabs your chin and looks into your eyes, "Y/n I love you so much that if you want to leave out of disgust go. I will not stop you, just know that I truly care for you and when you walk out that door you will be making the biggest mistake of your life."
You got back up onto your feet,and headed for the door. You stop about halfway, and turn to Tae. You see him crying, but he's not stopping you. Unable to bear it you run to him wrapping your arms around his neck embracing his lips with yours. Shocked at first he opens is eyes, then smiling he kisses you back hugging you tightly and spinning you around. He pulls away from you using one hand to push back the hair covering your face.
V: "You're going to stay with me?" You: "Tae, this feeling i have I know it's real the way you kiss me it's like it's meant to be. Of course I'm going to stay with you. Besides it's kind of cute how you held onto that picture of me, but I never seen that park before." V: "That's funny. The picture Jimin has of you the background is different, same with Namjoon. But it's probably just so she had more pics to hand out.
You: "Yeah probably." He kisses you on the forehead, and you smiles slowly breathing in the moment. Resting your head on his chest you two stand in the middle of the living room, until you hear a knock at the door. **KNOCK KNOCK** ??: "HEY!!! LET US IN IT'S FREEZING OUT HERE TAEHYUNG!!"
He rushes to the door,and in come Suga and Jungkook.
JK: "Thank you Tae, it just started raining out of nowhere." JK turns to you smiling, "Hey y/n ow you liking Korea so far?" You: "It's amazing even better than what I had seen online! I can't wait to explore all the sights!" S: "You actually want to go outside? And see people? Willingly?" You giggle at his questions, Tae came and sat beside you putting his arm around your shoulder. JK 'OOHS' and how close you two were getting, Tae turned red and started trying to tease him back - unsuccessfully. You 4 sat around small talking waiting for the other members to arrive. When they do Jin decided it was a special occasion, so you needed to go out to eat at a place of your choosing.
Unable to decide you give the honor to V, he chose a place right down the street from your home.
Once you were all seated, and everyone had ordered things became loud. Everyone was yelling over everyone you could only hear small parts of each conversation.
JK: "Tae," he whispered loudly, "how far do you think you'll get tonight?" Jin: "YAAAH!!" slapping JK, "Don't you speak that way you child! What kind of language is that!?"
You burst out in laughter watching everyone making a fool of themselves.
RM: "Jimin, what does a PB&J have that you don't? JM: "Don't you say it Namjoon....I will punch you" JH: "I know I know!" waving his hand as if he was in class, "ITS JAMS! Cause Jimin has none!" Jimin yelled and punched them both in the arms, yet they showed no regret as they highfived one another across the table. Suga was in the corner just laying back watching all of them making fools of themselves.
Then the food finally arrived, and all was silent. Each member was chowing down so hard, you would think they had never eaten a meal before. You watched in amazement as the food disappeared before your very eyes, like magic. Tae looked at you and smiled, "Eat honey, before it's all gone" He said raising chopsticks with food to your mouth. You gladly accepted his offer, opening up and noming on the food he gives you. You smile saying how delicious it was.
Suga: "I feel bad that you have never had this before,you poor deprived child," he teased.
You: "Yeah I agree with you there."
Everyone finished up their meal, paid and went off to their own homes. Since you had arrived with Suga and Jungkook you had to drop them off home. JK: "Mmm that food was so tasty, I am really full." he said patting his tummy.
S: "Yeah that was a good meal, good choice Tae." V: "Thanks, I just chose a place I knew my jagiya would love" You blushed. You gave him a kiss on the cheek.
S: "You guys are too lovey, I'm going to taste my dinner all over again." You: "Well I hope it tastes good then," you said leaning on to kiss Tae once more, then rubbing your nose on his cheek. Suga pretended to gag, and Jungkook just laughed. Tae couldn't respond much since he was driving.
You finally drop everyone off, and get back to your house. You stand outside the door staring in amazement, *this is actually my home now, I live with Taehyung.* you thought. Tae watched your smile grow as you were in your own thoughts. His own smile grew with yours as he opened up the door and followed you inside. Leading the way to the bedroom it suddenly hit you. You were going to be sleeping next to Tae. He was going to see you change....Even worse he was going to see your pajamas. You rushed to your bag.
V: "Where you going?" You: "I'm just getting my pj's out of my bag babe"
You quickly search for your pajamas and sigh with relief, you brought your sexy ones. You were afraid you brought your hello kitty onzie with the heads on the feet. You go back upstairs to the only door with the light on, assuming it was the bedroom. Yet it was the bathroom,Tae was standing there-naked. Your face grew red and you ran, but stumbled and fell. He grabbed a towel and ran to you.
V: "You okay jagiya?"
You: "Y-yea I just seen know" your face growing more and more red, "I seen you without your towel" He giggled, "Ah, but we're together so that's not a big deal right?"
You nodded.
V: "Right, so would you want to take a shower with me then?"
You: "Yes!" You answer so fast he laughed at how cute you were
You two shower, and you were not disappointed with anything on him. He was just ike you imagined. When you get out, you brush your teeth, and get dressed.
He plops on the bed dragging you down with him, you rest your head on his chest.
V: "I feel so happy that you are herewith me right now y/n"
You: "Me too," you yawn, "I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you,
V agrees, and you both drift off into sleep,excited for the future you both had just began.
Sorry it took so long for me to write, I got really sick this week.I couldn't even think of anything to write. But here it is the last chapter of my first imagine.
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I still am kinida sick, so I'm sorry if it's not my best work, and the gifs don't make sense.
@ninjamidori it was the same girl different backgrounds. so depending on who you picked would show where you're first real date would be. Tae and your first date is at a park. so the background was a park
I loved it!!! <3 I hope you feel better soon, love <3 (also, I'm wondering!!! If the backgrounds were different, doesn't that mean it could have been different girls?! Sorry, I just don't want anyone to be sad >.<)
Please keep tagging me in what you write. I love this story! So good ❤❤❤❤
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