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A cautiously jumped out of my window, prepping for the impact of the fall. I jumped off the roof and, suprisingly, I didn't sprain my ankle. I quickly walked to the gate, tripping over my own foot steps. I slammed the gate shut, as I dashed off to the park. "HYEON! WHERE ARE YOU!" My dad slurred as he shouted. _________________________ I breathed heavily as I rested on my knees. The trees dances in the air, as the wind waltz with them. I sat on the soft patch of grass. I looked up at the sky, looking at the clouds. ...I feel lonely. For the first time.. I feel lonely. I sighed as I put my hands in my pockets and walked towards the creek. Twigs and leaves cracked under my feet and the wind kissed my face. I pulled out my phone and scrolled through my contact... more like the only two people I know.. I can't call Gi, she's on shift right now; and I'm sure as hell not calling my dad.. He started walking to the door and immediately stopped before he left, "So I don't forget;" He scribbled somthing down on a piece of paper, "Here's my phone number. Incase you need help with something." I reached in my pocket and pulled out the piece of paper. I sighed as I dialed his number into my phone. "Hello?" "Hey... it's Hyeon. Um... are you busy right now?" I asked him "No, I'm just resting at home." He answered. "Good, get to the park north of the school in five minutes." I demanded. "Wait, what? Five minutes? Are-" I cut him off. "No question, five minutes, or I'm leaving." I hung up and walked over to a park bench I watched as kids played on the play ground, moms yelling at them not to get hurt. I laughed at them. Kids are so reckless. I checked the time; he had a minute thirty seconds left to get here. "Okay! I'm here! So, what did you need?" He panted. He arrived, breathless... and shirtless. I covered my eyes. "Um, explain to me why your shirt is in you hand, and not on you?" He quickly put his shirt on and whined to me, "Well you only gave me 5 minutes! I don't live to close to the school, just so you know!" "You don't have a bike?" I asked "...I broke it while trying to ride it here..." He mumbled. I laughed at him as he scratched his head. "Anyways, why did you call me out here? Why aren't you at home?" He asked. I kicked the ground as I searched for the words to explain to him that... I'm scared of my father. "I uh.. don't agree with my family a lot." He when silent as the wind whipped by. Kids screamed in the distance cause me to tense up. Was it a good idea to ask him to come here? "Who are you scared of?" He asked. "What?" "I can tell you're afraid of something, or someone; which one is it?" I stood shocked; he could tell that much from my face? "...M-my dad. I'm scared of my dad..." I sighed. Now I just have to stop and ask myself: Why did I open up to him? Why did I talk to him? Why am I so comfortable around him? Why am I opening up to him? All these questions linger in my head. "Can you tell me why your scared of him?" I shook my head with my mouth slightly opened. I sighed as my sholders slouched. "Can't talk about it?" He paused, then suddenly jumped up, "Hey! Follow me! I have something to show you!" He grabbed my hand and lead me into the forest. He ran, slowly. I guess he remembered my wound. Wait. Where is he leading me?!
This gave me life man!!
these are great!
This is great! Could you tag me for the following chapters? 😊
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