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Oh my gosh. It feels like forever. I've been busy with school that I haven't been about to post anything. I'm finally back, and I'll try to be more active. so new in life... what life? lol. My life have been the same. Oh. I've been wanting korean channels for a while, and when we updated our Directv plan. I found Arirang. I was so happy. I convinced my parents to order the international - Korean package for me, and I'll be getting that in the next week. I'm so excited. Well on to Kpop........
Freaking JYP. Why do you have to make great artists? Well..... I ordered the Mad Winter Edition (repackage) because I like their Confession Song. ( I don't know why I did that. I already have the Mad album lol.) I honestly fell way into the GOT7 hole. I've became such a huge fan.
In October I claimed that I was barely getting into iKON, now.... I'm a huge fan also. I watched WIN, and Mix and Match. I fell in love with them. They're hot messes which BI has clean, and even him messes around. I love them. I think I settled my bias as Bobby which took me a while to actually decide.
As it wasn't bad enough, these two groups had to catch my attention. I think I started to get into High4 two months ago with their song Hot Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossom which features IU, and Up10tion about a month ago with Catch Me. I plan to learn more about them.
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I've missed you
@DestinaByrd oh my gosh. This just made my day. Thank you so much. I'm glad to be back.
@giselacampos14 I cry when you were gone you always made my day
awe. You're making me blush. lol. I hope I won't be gone that much anyone.