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@TaehyungKey hahaha that is hilarious.. I have Suga as my phone wallpaper.. And i have tons, and i do mean TONS of BTS pictures on my phone.. And i was thinking of changing my wallpaper of Suga to one of Princess Jin.. But than I bumped into a picture of Suga doing a pouty face and my heart melted.. I was like "no way am i changing the picture of my UB"
@TaehyungKey hahaha same.. About 90% of my pictures are BTS.. I just can't help it.. Specially when they post new pictures on twitter and they look cute I'm just clicking the save button every time
@BAbrajan1 I know what tou mean I have over 1,000 photos of V and no storage space and my family tells me to delete the photos but I rather delete all my apps than my photos cuz I feel guilty after
@BAbrajan1 I know what you mean one time I was looking up BTS photos in Google and I said Suga looked cute so I downloaded it xD and when I changed the photo to the next one it was a photo of V with a serious face xD so I was like "he knows!" so I apologize to the photo xD true story
@TaehyungKey hahaha i feel you.. I can't look at other groups without feeling bad that I'm not looking at BTS... We seriously need some type of help
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