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Thursday is May-day and also Christmas Eve!!!!!! Yay!!!! Who else is super excited about Christmas tomorrow (I'm not....totally out grew the excitement I felt when I was younger lol)
But for me May is the beginning of the Big Bang MADE series and the happiest moments this year will bring me. Seriously I'm surprised I even noticed any other songs making an appearance in May with all the hype I felt from Big Bang........
So without further ado, here is my May list!



Bae Bae


꺼내먹어요 (Eat)

Well you don't have to tell me twice....that's all i do

몸매 (Mommae)

Who's willing to do the dance with me? Any takers???

Sold Out

And old skool still lives!!!! 살아있네!!! 얀키! 얀키! 얀키!
Can you hear the crowd going wild for this guy?!?! I mean it's Yankie for goodness sake!

둘 한나 둘 (212)

Between this one and Get featuring Beenzino, this song one my heart of more. I wish I could have such a cute first meeting and solid relationship in between with a guy.

혼자가 편해졌어 (I'm good)

I was extremely proud of Eunjung and her solo debut and at how well she did. This song is super amazing and I am rooting for her 100% of the way. I can't wait for new songs from her.

둘이서 (With You)

Uhm do I even need to mention the love I feel for Eluphant. I'm always excited for new songs and collaborations.


I think this is one of my favorite dance songs of this month....hands down one of my favorite of the year. Plus the upbeat song is soooooo the best.

Mood Swing

Creepy stalker....
Napping and dreaming about said stalker....
This mv has all the works with the enticing song to add

말을 해줘 (77E7 ME B43Y)


이럴거면 그러지말지 ()

So what were your favorite songs on this list?
Tagging everyone I know (tag others too)
Between Mommae, View, Loser & Bae Bae idk which one I loved more.
>Big Bang - Loser and Bae Bae - loved these songs equally and my fave songs they released in 2015. >Zion.T - Eat - 👍💞 >Jay Park - Mommae - This song had me so hype ...dancing in my room like a crazy person. Catchy and upbeat like nother. Plus that music video...😍😍😍. >Urban Zakapa - I preferred Get to this one. >Eun Jung ft K.Will - I'm Good - I like her voice but K.will totally out sang her. It makes her voice seem pale in comparison.
I think i all love the song bcoz of their rhythmn its all good
It's all gooood :)
I will do the dance to Mommae with you. but man lose and Bae Bae where Hella it for me. but I like every song here.
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