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Can you name them ALL?
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I see them but can't name all of them
2 years ago·Reply
I see Elizabeth
2 years ago·Reply
everything else is hard to see
2 years ago·Reply
There's a one piece thing on the wall
2 years ago·Reply
1)Avatar arrow 2)Pocky 3)Mario mushroom 4)Kuro from Ao no Exorcist 5) black fuzz from Sprited Away (name escapes me 6) Totoro 7) One Piece 8)Angry Bird 9) star 10) Dangan Rampa bear 11)Legend of Zelda 12) Butterfly 13) Shojo blossoms 14) Yu-Gi-Oh card 15) Dragon Ball 16) magic staff 17) yukata 18) that scarf thing sticking up behind goddesses 19) anime backpack 20) day duty notebook 21) those umbrella yokai with the eye Can't zoom in enough for more
2 years ago·Reply