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Its between Maka and Soul or One Punch Man.
saitama is a bad choice. you already know what he does to train and just one day of his training will get you nowhere. his training schedule is one you can do on your own.
Well, I would want to spend training with Erza, but might end up with a free broken bones. Lee would be a good choice because he is really nice and I think would take it easy on you, but Guy would probably be teaching Lee how to teach me. I would love if Kakashi would teach me, but it might be a little bit hard, because he's so skilled. Oh and if Sir Melodious trained with me, I think he'll be kind of like Lee, gently and take it easy, but he'll be the one teaching you. And also, I'd like to be taught by Maka and Soul, because Soul is just one cool guy and I think it would be fun. And Maka would be easy I'm pretty sure. I would also like to train with Guildarts, but that might be a little hard. I know I wrote to much, but I would like to be trained by all of them above.
too many people saying and, for a question that requires only 1 answer
Kakashi. And the reason I say this is because he's had experience training others. I'm not certain about most of the others but I think I would get the most out of a day by training with Kakashi. On top of that he's a kick ass ninja so yeah!
I would say the guy from kenichi because that is like a real life martial art and he would give me tips for the rest of my life in that one day.
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