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I have been reading a fanfic called 50 shades of bangtan and every chapter I been loving BTS even more!! A.R.M.Y. Check it out for those who haven't its Sooo worth it lol Bless the person who came up with it ! Her user name is Mercii .! Check out her follow her and read her stories and her other story is Pick me up if you love Exo check it out you will instantly love it .! Thanks Mercii for you stories !! Lol we all love them!
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i just thought about the story line with IKON or HISTORY 馃槏馃槺
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what has K-Pop done to me -sheds a tear- ever since K-Pop i have become.....more crazy
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@DestinaByrd I know me too I just can't wait for the next chapter 鈽猴笍
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Same!! I love the 50 Shades of Bangtang
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