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Hey ~ im Wendy. im a genderfluid /pansexual 22 year old human lol This is a lil about me and what im up to sometimes. i have always liked a great variety of things and never could just focus on one subject. why am i talking about myself? good question, i just wanna get to know more people around the world and tell the world my opinions on a few things ill talk about in my blog or just talk about things in general. a few random things i do on my free time =do we have this in common? = -volunteer at a local exotic bird shop -biology major in college (study) -random video editing (youtube) -scrapbooking (flower prints too ) - Rpg gamer ( mainly dragon saga) -Animals and Conservation (reading, news ect) -Anime and Cosplay (conventions ) -Comics /spiderman (yes own subject ) - icekull comics marketing Manager -kmusic /kdrama (cries) i made this account so people can get to know me a lil bit. and follow me and my adventures. i already have random vids on YouTube but ill be starting my own personal blog vids ==== ill be talking about animal conservation, the environment, anime ,cosplay ,conventions and maybe personal life . if your down to see me in my blog follow me on my accounts ^ ill be aiming for January stay tunned ~ xoxo Instagram: wendycraftq YouTube : wendycraftq tumblr : wen-craft-q kakao: ? lets chat
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@RoronoaLuffy @in4mtoxic006 seeing the comments crackin me up πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @wendycraftq
but she ignored me @djdoubl3up
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