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Oh Em Gee you guys!!!!!
It's Christmas Day!!!!!!
Did any of you get what you wanted for Christmas?????
Did you get anything you didn't expect???
Let me know in the comments below how you spent Christmas and if you enjoyed it!!!!!

뱅뱅뱅 (BangBangBang)


We Like 2 Party



Anda comes in at number 3 with Touch and she deserves this spot in my heart and my playlist for June. Ever since BigBang came out with their singles everyone else has been put on a back burner with me and not getting the recognition they deserve but Touch is truly an amazingly fun song to listen to.

Blue Horizon

This was the first time I ever heard of Hoody and the first time I fell in love with her voice. I truly have to thank my consistency with keeping up with Taeyang's older brother on Instagram.

마네퀸 (Mannequin)

Out of the 2 songs Primary released this month, Mannequin is truly my favorite. Not because I'm a huge Beenzino fan but instead I love how this song was written and the up beat tempo. I also love the lyrics Beenzino contributed to the song.

그녀는 (She)


우리집 (My House)

Uhm how could I not include this song I mean this is the song!!!The singing bunny is still the best for me!

반가워요 (Forever)


싫대 (Doin' It)

I think we all knew how hype I was for this song to come out or maybe only I knew how hype I was but the point is, this wouldn't be my June playlist without this song.

Shake It

I totally love this up beat spunky song and the mv was so cute especially with that weirdo Kang Kyun Sung.
Also I included the Acoustic version with K.Will and Joo Young, which I also love very much.

쿨밤 (Cool Night)

Sleepy and Song Ji Eun surprised me with this surprisingly cool song. I didn't hear anything about a collab from them and when it came it was like being caught by a right hook but I fell in love with the song immediately.

Good Life




이사하는 날 (Souvenir)




I Get Lifted

Wow Beenzino twice in one month.....I think I might of overdosed on his music or something. There's just too much of this boy going around for me to keep up with. Every time I turn around he's featuring or collaborating with some artist.

Bad Boy

One I first heard this song I wasn't ready for it and guess what.......
......I still ain't ready for this song lol

음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh)


Love Again

So what were your favorite songs on this list?
Tagging everyone I know (tag others too)
I'm glad you guys had such a fun Christmas. I'm still recovering from mines but I enjoyed it as well @VeronicaArtino wow homemade apple pie sounds delicious. I just love apple pie (well all pies really)
>Big Bang - Bang Bang Bang and We like to party - I have to admit I did not like either when I first heard them. Bang bang bang grew on me ...we like to party however did not. Love the MV tho. >ANDA - Touch - I don't think she can sing lol...but that chorus is fire!! 🔥🔥 >Primary - Mannequin - LOVE this song!! Surans voice is lovely! Its the song that convinced me to get the album. She - this song is awesome as well. Primary has a very soul Jazz feel to his music that I just adore. >2PM - MY House - This song is soooo good! 😍😍😍😍 >Verbal jint ft Sanchez - Doin it - 😻😻 >Sleepy ft Song Ji Eun - Cool night - catchy chorus 👍👍 > Ugly duck - Whatever - Totally hooked on this song ! And the album art?...amazing! 😄 >Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yeh - everything they touch is gold and the MV was adorable! >G.Soul - Love Me Again - My favorite song on this list. G.Souls voice is just heaven! 😭
Merry Christmas!! And all!! :)
we like to party was one of my faves because it felt like it had an old school beastie boys vibe but still very big bang. Bang Bang Bang is still my that song I still catch myself singing and dancing to at work. I have a couple of new songs to add to my playlist so thanks for that. My son's smile while opening his gifts was the best Christmas I could have. Plus my homemade apple pie I made was a hit....
Merry Christmas ~ I knew of BIGBANG & Mamamoo at the time. But I def had them played out. LOL.
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