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What? Who?
Who are you talking about?
Who could it be I
know you don’t mean me
Not me that’s not my name
You don’t. Have the right
I told you my name
Don’t disrespect me I bite
I'm so fucking over this
No help from anyone
By the way it's mister not miss
I need someone but I'm alone
Ignored pushed aside it's not fair
What did I ever do
To deserve this shitty fate
My karma is past due
I can't do this anymore
The way I act the way I feel
But there's nothing that can be done
I'm just forced to deal
Figure it out all on my own
But how when I. Don’t know how to heal
All the eyes judge me
All the voices whisper
All my family hurt me
All my friends ignore me
Like I'm always ok
“oh wait your not?”
“well whatever this is how I feel”
Who cares about me
I'm only your free therapist
Only a punching bag
Just use me at your leisure
Then leave me all alone
Without anyone to help me
Well I fucking need help too
I'm not a robot
And despite popular opinion I have a heart
My body is flesh not stone
But your too blind to see
Too deaf to hear me scream
You know I'm alive
Why don’t you ask me
“what's wrong man”sometime