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Your wondering why now
I hardly say a word
When a minute ago
I was so content as can be
It's because you were here
You didn’t seem so far away
For just that little while
You were here to stay
Now im alone again
Nothing but silence is around me
My smile fades and darkness returns
Sad as sad can be
Your still here and we text.
But it's just not the same
All of this is taking its toll
There's no one to blame
No I won't leave
You know I wouldn’t
There's just no hope to make me believe
All this will go away
One day this will be a fond memory
Just our love filled story
It really is and every once in awhile it takes its toll and you cant help it
This is so filled with a bittersweet sadness... being alone again is the worst feeling. Especially when you know there's someone you love but they're so far away...