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Boo I didn't get it. well I'm not able to hangout with BTS on asc.. maybe next time I'll get it but I will be watching the show.
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@Midajah1998 my first thought would be that none of them could understand what I was saying except RM so if you messed up they wouldn't even know xD
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@Midajah1998 @Mercii I know right!
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@DestinaByrd @Mercii I would scream first and like die and them try to talk to them.
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I'd be like, "You guys... infire me so much." 馃槀
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I would have applied to do it but I'm glad I didn't because with work I may have to watch it after it airs. :/ But if I did get a chance to talk to them I'd just want to say "Jimin you got no jams"...
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