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Hey guys Gabby here and today I have brought the anime review for Sword art online!!! Now I know most of you have seen this show but if you haven't stop what ever your doing and slap yourself for not watching it!! Any way you might know how it goes I'll do plot characters and so on. Well let's get started with this shall we??
I think I'll start with the plot first. Okay here we go!!!馃槉 Thousands of gamers waiting for the new game sword art online. At 5:30 pm all players of Sao were teleported to the center of the first floor known as the town of begging. Now most players that had tried to log out had already noticed that there was no log out button that it was missing from the main menu. When they were teleported they were told that they had to defeat the bosses on all floors and if they defeated the boss and the 100th floor the last floor they would be set free they be able to return to their families. But if they were to die they die in real life. Now that's all I'll tell you because if I go any further I'll spoil everything. Sorry.
Next I'll do main characters. And as usual give one small detail that slightly helps build up their character.
Kirito Detail: big heart
Asuna Detail: famous
Now in my first anime review card I did quotes from the characters...I think I'll do that in this card as well.
Some of these quotes are kinda sad. Wouldn't you say?
Any way that's it for this anime review!! Thanks for reading guys!! Tomorrow is Japanese music artist!! Thanks so much love you all happy holidays!!!! Bye bye reader-chan!!!!!馃槉馃槉
@gabbycalzada you're welcome
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@Alletaire....really what ever we got over it by me punching him and getting in trouble because he got a bloody nose馃槉馃槉
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