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I'm fucking depressed
I wanna die
Life is so damn bad
Please don’t ask why
It's always been this way
I can't die
People love me
There's your reason why
So no wrist slashing for me
Or a rope in a tree
Not even the bus at three
I lay here and wonder
I can't let it be
No wonder tho
After all I am me
Worry this
Harsh words that
Keeping to myself
That I wanna hit someone with a bat
I need a smoke
Or at least some hope
My life is a joke
People don’t like me
Well they can suck it
I am who I need to be
Family punching bag
Let's not forget bank
Attitude like a girl on her rag
Freak of nature for the world to see
That’s just what it's like
To be me
Tongue like a razor
Wanting life to get better
Maybe it will maybe it wont
Who am I to expect
The things I most desire
I'm not like others
That’s an understatement
But I prefer it like that
Which is no overstatement
The thing I want most
Is what I already have
There's always a catch tho
My heart is slit in halves
One with me the other
Is with her
We aren't really together
Far apart but deeply in love
Only makes it harder
When I can't see ladylove
Makes me feel dark as night
And all I need is my light
To set me fee
As free as can be
Just not yet
My darkness isn't done
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This is so goooood